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Writers write things.

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Author Alan Wake finds himself imprisoned in a dark place that he is unable to escape thirteen years after his wife vanished in the small town of Bright Falls. I can relate to some extent as I sit down to write this review of Alan Wake II. It’s difficult to know exactly where to begin because this is unlike anything else I’ve played recently. The single-player adventure Alan Wake II smoothly transitions between morbid investigations and jaw-dropping musical surprises, gorgeously rendered game worlds and intense full-motion video sequences, and slow-burn psychological terror and frantic survival-horror action. It’s insane, bloody, and, for the most part, really great. Alan Wake II continues to shine brightly like a newly fired signal flare, even at the end of an incredible year full of incredible games.

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Even with a significant increase in complexity, Alan Wake II’s roughly 17-hour story, which spans two drastically different realities, is far more coherent than the original. In the present, we assume control of FBI Agent Saga Anderson, who has been sent to the sleepy lakeside town of Bright Falls to look into the latest victim of a string of ritualistic killings: a body discovered next to Cauldron Lake with a large hole where his heart used to be. Saga is a charming addition to the bizarre universe that Alan Wake and Control, another paranormal game from Remedy Entertainment, share. Her enjoyment of lighthearted banter with Special Agent Alex Casey balances out her commitment to her work. These first few hours of procedural investigation, which are largely devoid of combat, give the story a realistic foundation before darkness descends and every peaceful hillside turns into a terrifying hellscape.

The story is given a realistic foundation in the first few hours of a procedural investigation that is primarily free of combat.

Early in Alan Wake II’s narrative, Saga’s investigation uncovers more disturbing details than it does answers. For example, why do so many locals act as though they have known Saga for years? Why is a local town hall hosting karaoke performances by the Control character, who works as a janitor? Furthermore, why did that corpse suddenly emerge from the morgue and drag its nude posterior into the woods? Alan Wake II’s mood is always set to a tense one, even though the difficulty level can be changed to three different settings.

The Shadowy Area Past the Pines
When Alan Wake washes up on the shore of Cauldron Lake, talking wildly about the Dark Place and shocked to hear that he’s been missing for the previous 13 years, the mystery only gets deeper. Alan Wake II then deviates significantly. The narrative then alternates between Saga’s quest for the truth in Bright Falls and Alan’s desperate attempts to flee his doomed Dark Place dimension. Both sides gradually blend into one another in increasingly erratic and disorienting ways, to the point where I found it difficult to distinguish fact from fiction (within fiction). Nevertheless, the story ultimately resolves into an incredibly skillfully done gut-punch of an ending that neatly wraps up the majority of the loose ends while tantalizingly leaving a few hanging. Remedy, it will be far less charming if you make us wait another 13 years to wrap these up (and start more).

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In Alan’s reality, you have to look for plot elements in the form of floating pairs of orbs that, when viewed from the right angle, create an eclipse that sets off eerie, hardboiled scenes from Alan’s own Alex Casey crime novel series, rather than gathering evidence and organizing it on a caseboard as in Saga’s stages. These could then be rewritten into Alan’s current situation to warp reality and create unsettling new dioramas that draw him nearer to the dark place’s exit while revealing sinister connections to the Bright Falls killings that Saga is trying to solve. (And here I was believing that this year, Michael Cera was the only Alan who was desperate to get away from a corrupted alternate reality.)

And here I was believing that this year, Michael Cera was the only Alan who was desperate to get away from a corrupted alternate reality.

The fact that Sam Lake, the creative director of Alan Wake II, portrays both FBI Special Agent Alex Casey in Saga’s story and Alan Casey in Alan’s reality, in addition to playing himself as a frequent guest on an odd late-night talk show, adds to the unsettling nature of the situation. Although you may not be familiar with his name, you have undoubtedly seen his iconic face because it was featured prominently on the original Max Payne mug. He even gave me that famous scowl! The deep meta-mystery of Alan Wake II is akin to a jigsaw puzzle trapped inside a Rubik’s cube covered in sudoku puzzles. It’s genuinely such an odd and amazing journey, full of more unexpected turns and recursive loops than an irate Uber driver.

The Lamps’ Violence

In fact, Alan Wake II has an equal number of corpses and more plots than a cemetery. Combat has greatly improved, but the basic mechanics are still largely the same as the fun flashlight-fueled fighting of the original. Once more, enemies are merely shadows of their former selves. The best way to eliminate them is to blast obscene amounts of exposed flesh off their bones with your growing arsenal of firearms and use the boosted beam of your flashlight to burn away their hazy darkness shields. This time, enemies will occasionally display glowing weak points on their bodies. If you can successfully target these areas, you can deal a lot more damage and preserve a few valuable ammo rounds, which felt like a nice reward for taking the extra moment to carefully line up my shots.

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Composing Erroneous

Not everything about this situation is as strong as it could be, including Alan’s mental health. The two playable characters’ distinct arsenals each have advantages of their own, such as Saga’s crossbow’s increased stopping power and reusable bolts and Alan’s flare gun’s wider area of effect, but the way each character’s skill trees are implemented seems a little uneven. Saga’s upgrades are limited to just three buffs for each firearm in her inventory, and each comes at such a high cost as the collectable manuscript scraps hidden around Bright Falls that by the time I’d reached the end credits, I’d only invested in a handful of them. In contrast, Alan’s “Words of Power” skill tree features 21 different skills that can each potentially be upgraded up to three times over. To be honest, they didn’t seem all that necessary on the easy difficulty setting, but maybe they’ll be much more helpful when Alan Wake II’s Nightmare difficulty is added after launch.

Any complaints I had about Alan Wake II vanished into thin air, much like a visitor from out of town in Cauldron Lake.

It even briefly turns into an interactive musical in one truly amazing early game moment, which I won’t reveal here. It’s as if the Remedy team saw the “Jump Up, Super Star!” level from Super Mario Odyssey and decided to appropriate it in the most extravagantly bizarre way imaginable. Alan Wake II has me smiling like a crazy man from the opening riff to the last fiery guitar solo. For about twenty glorious minutes, it sounds more like a Rocky Horror Picture Show than a survival-horror video game. Even though Alan Wake II is full of spine-tingling moments, it’s times like these that demonstrate how fearlessly Remedy approached the actual design of its eagerly anticipated sequel.


The survival horror plot in Alan Wake II is among the most inventive and clever on this side of Silent Hill 2, and it’s presented with consistently flawless art direction and audio design. The series’ trademark light-based shooting is also revitalized, as if it were loaded with brand-new Energizers. I found Saga’s story to be perpetually fascinating, often terrifying, and consistently surprising, despite the fact that its skill-upgrade systems seem a bit unnecessary, and there were a few recurring cliches that annoyed me. Comparatively speaking, the cult classic Alan Wake makes little more than a rough first draft to the excellent survival-horror sequel Alan Wake II.

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