An In-depth Look at the Comprehensive 129-Page Tentative Contract Bargained by SAG-AFTRA, Resolving the Actors’ Strike


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Following a tumultuous period of negotiations, the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) has finally unveiled the complete tentative contract that successfully concluded the recent actors’ strike. Spanning an extensive 129 pages, this comprehensive agreement seeks to address longstanding grievances and concerns raised by the union’s members. As we delve into the intricate details of this transformative contract, it becomes evident that it represents a significant step forward in securing fair and equitable treatment for actors within the entertainment industry.

1. Background and Context:

To fully comprehend the importance of the tentative contract, it is essential to understand the circumstances that led to the actors’ strike. Actors, who play a pivotal role in the success of the entertainment industry, have often faced a myriad of challenges, including insufficient compensation, inadequate health and safety protocols, and an absence of provisions to protect their creative rights. As a result, SAG-AFTRA found it imperative to negotiate a contract that effectively addresses these longstanding issues.

2. Compensation and Royalties:

One of the central focuses of the tentative contract is the introduction of fair compensation and royalty structures. This includes stipulations for higher base pay rates, enhanced residuals, and improved profit-sharing arrangements. By securing better compensation, SAG-AFTRA aims to ensure that its members are duly rewarded for their contributions to the success of various projects, be it in traditional media or emerging platforms.

3. Health and Safety Measures:

Another critical aspect of the contract highlights the inclusion of more robust health and safety provisions. SAG-AFTRA recognized the need to prioritize the well-being of actors amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and sought to implement stringent protocols that safeguard their physical and mental health on set. This includes regular testing, adequate access to personal protective equipment (PPE), and guidelines to mitigate potential risks associated with prolonged working hours and challenging shooting environments.

4. Improving Working Conditions:

In a significant win for actors, the tentative contract also addresses long-standing concerns about working conditions. The new contract includes provisions that tackle issues such as harmful auditions, discrimination, harassment, and excessive workload. By establishing more transparent and inclusive practices, the agreement intends to foster a healthier and more inclusive work environment for all performers.

5. Protecting Creative Rights:

Recognizing the importance of keeping creative control in the hands of actors, SAG-AFTRA negotiated clauses that protect their artistic integrity. This includes measures to ensure actors have a say in their performances, the use of their likeness in mediums such as animation and deepfake technology, as well as the ability to collectively bargain for fair treatment and representation within the industry.

6. Expansion of Diversity and Inclusion Efforts:

In line with the changing landscape of the entertainment industry, the tentative contract also emphasizes the need for increased diversity and inclusion. SAG-AFTRA recognizes the importance of fostering an environment that represents the diversity of society at large. As such, the contract includes provisions that encourage the hiring and casting of individuals from underrepresented communities, thus promoting a more inclusive and realistic portrayal of society on screen.


The unveiling of the comprehensive 129-page tentative contract by SAG-AFTRA marks a significant achievement for actors in the entertainment industry. The provisions outlined in this agreement address a wide array of long-standing issues, including fair compensation, improved working conditions, enhanced health and safety protocols, and protection of creative rights. By securing this transformative contract, SAG-AFTRA has taken a crucial step towards safeguarding the livelihoods and well-being of actors, ensuring a more equitable and prosperous future for all within the industry.