Behavior Interactive and Supermassive Games Unveil Dead by Daylight Spin-Off | Game Awards 2023


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As we previously reported, Behavior Interactive and Supermassive Games, the developers of Until Dawn, were joining forces to create a story-driven game. Additionally, The Casting of Frank Stone, a brand-new narrative-based game situated in the Dead by Daylight universe, has been revealed by the studio responsible for Dead by Daylight.

In the Dead by Daylight universe is a brand-new narrative-driven game called The Casting of Frank Stone. The Casting of Frank Stone, according to Behaviour Interactive, will center on a group of friends as they look into a steel mill and solve a grisly mystery.

The combination of Behaviour and Supermassive is intriguing since both companies have made a name for themselves as well-known horror game developers in the business, each with specialties in storytelling and choose-your-own-adventure games. On the other hand, Behaviour is well-known for its Dead by Daylight series, which features intense gameplay and a wide range of licensed and original killers, each of whom has a special ability that sets them apart from one another.

The Dead by Daylight franchise is expanding in a number of ways, as Behaviour Interactive has revealed, so the news of The Casting of Frank Stone comes at an interesting time. Not only is a Dead by Daylight movie adaptation presently in development, but there are two spin-off games set in the Dead by Daylight universe: The Casting of Franke Stone.

On PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S, The Casting of Frank Stone is scheduled for release at some point in the upcoming year.

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