Call of Duty®: Warzone™ 2.0

Call of Duty®: Warzone™ 2.0

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With an entirely new way to play called DMZ, which Infinity Ward provided an overview of here, Call of Duty®: WarzoneTM 2.0 will redefine the franchise’s free-to-play experience. In addition to fan-favorite returning concepts based on community feedback, its Battle Royale mode will also get some incredible new features. Expect novel approaches to winning through improved vehicle mechanics, aquatic combat, and more across all game modes.

Trello Board Coming Online Via Direct Developer Communications

In order to support WarzoneTM 2.0, Raven Software will introduce a Trello Board that will track and provide updates on any real-time issues that players might experience while using the game. Additionally, it will provide information on XP events, playlist updates, and patch notes.



Gulag, Circle Collapse, and Loadout Updates Learn where to find those valuable Loadouts, what happens when a circle collapses and splits up, and how to survive the new Gulag.

Interrogate your adversaries. Try questioning the downed enemy to gather information if no one else appears to be nearby.

Loadouts, specialized weapons, and a streamline backpack

Here you are in a war zone!

Expect to have just an X12 Handgun, two Armor Plates, and a pair of fists when Operators drop from a cargo plane somewhere over Al Mazrah at the beginning of every Battle Royale match. The rest, including a proper loadout, must be gathered inside the map.

A Battle Royale loadout includes the following, carried over from the original Warzone:

Primary and Secondary Armor

Weapons with lethal and tactical capabilities

Perk Package: A pre-assembled collection of four Perks that includes the Modern Warfare II Base, Bonus, and Ultimate Perks.

Loadouts arrive in Loadout Drops, which can appear at any time between the second and sixth circles as a result of an event in the game.

Once strongholds are available (see the Stronghold section for more information), loadouts can also be earned earlier in the match by clearing one out. You can obtain more Loadouts by defeating another Stronghold or grabbing a different Loadout Drop if a Loadout was lost or if you want to have components from several Loadouts on your Operator.

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Customized Weapons

The Buy Station no longer offers Loadouts for purchase; instead, it only offers Custom Primary Weapons from your Loadouts.

This enables you to spend the Cash you’ve earned on a weapon that fits your playstyle, but the other Loadout items can only be acquired by taking a chance on the journey to a Loadout Drop or by taking out a Stronghold.

Effortless Backpack

In contrast to the DMZ, the Backpack in Battle Royale serves as an additional storage space for tools, armor plates, and other small items if neither your loadout nor your operator has room for them. You can always use items from the Backpack in place of active Loadout Items.


Outside of the Duffel Bags, Cash Registers, Weapon Lockers, and Medicine Cabinets, there is no menu navigation available for gathering items. Cash, armor, and any items you already have in your loadout or backpack (such as a particular kind of ammo) are automatically picked up by default, along with any new items you pick up.


In squad-based mode, you have two options after successfully taking out an enemy player: you can either go for the kill or, more wisely, question them.

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For a brief period of time after engaging with a downed enemy player, you will learn the locations of all of their allies via red dot pings on the minimap and outlines in the environment (like a Snapshot Grenade). Additionally, you will be able to see where they may have placed any equipment. When the interrogator passes away or is revived, this effect also disappears.

Naturally, you should only use this strategy if the enemy squad is nowhere to be found after one of their allies is killed. The subject of the interrogation has the option to signal for assistance, which identifies the interrogator on a map.

In essence, this novel mechanic rewards the player with a wealth of information in exchange for a brief interaction with a downed Operator. Although it is not advisable to do so in the middle of a gunfight, you should speak with an injured Operator to find out where their friends are if a takedown occurs in a large structure and no one else is visible.

Square Collapse

In some games, the circle collapse will function normally, with a single circle that closes in stages. The same strategies used to avoid the collapse and survive it still hold true.

In some games, the circle collapse can divide into as many as three separate circles. Between the first and last two collapses, this could occur at any time.


The following information should be kept in mind when this occurs:

1. Tighter Circles and More CQB

Split circles invariably have a smaller diameter than a “normal” collapse. Their size is also influenced by how early or late in the match a circle split takes place.

Weapons that are better for end-game close-combat, particularly SMGs, will typically have increased value, regardless of the precise size of these split circles.

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While in one of these smaller circles, take note of any large buildings or groups of smaller buildings to pass through, and pay attention to any open areas that might present opportunities for medium- to long-term engagement.


2. Interactions in Cross-Circles

When a circle collapses into a split, it is challenging but possible to interact with enemies there.

Expert snipers can use a technique whereby they can roughly see through the haze and identify enemies in other circles by accounting for bullet drop. Consider looking across the collapse and attempting to hit an unexpected elimination, especially if you are in a circle on high ground, like at the Observatory.

Using a combination of Gas Masks and stimulants to “will your way” between circles is the alternative, though riskier, tactic. Burning those items in a potentially safer circle might be worthwhile in extreme circumstances, such as when a squad has you pinned up against the collapse itself. 3. The Fusion

All circles coming back together as one after a split collapse must be taken into account by those who are familiar with “rotating,” or positioning themselves toward the next circle.

Ultimately, individual circles will converge in the center, much like a Venn diagram. As it is frequently best to be in the direction of the future safe area to get ahead of the pack, consulting the larger Tac Map is essential for determining the best course of action.

How to Use the New Gulag

There are new regulations for the Gulag, beginning with a new arena.

The new Gulag arena is a compact, roughly symmetrical space designed for 2v2 combat. A raised courtyard and an open courtyard, each with a circular platform, are located between the two spawn areas. With the exception of a platform on one side and a set of gallows on the other, the middle lane is completely open.

Operators who die in a Battle Royale and are sent to the Gulag before the final circle collapses will be paired up randomly with another dead Operator. All players will be given a predetermined loadout, which at launch will consist of a pistol or shotgun, a lethal grenade, and a tactical grenade. Highly potent equipment and weapons will be placed toward the center of the loadout.

There is a prisoner in the Gulag who leaps onto the circular platform during the duel. The Jailer has more health than a typical Operator, and he also has a Minigun that fires a hail of bullets after a brief delay. All four Gulag participants are reinstated when the Jailer is defeated as opposed to the opposition; when the opposition is defeated, only one duo is reinstated.

In other words, if the four Operators want to live, they can all agree to a truce and concentrate on taking out the Jailer. Proximity Chat (more on this later in the overview) and having faith in the other Duo may be necessary for you to accomplish this.

The Gulag Loadout will be given to you as a parting gift if you defeat the opposition; otherwise, it’s business as usual.

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