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Proportions of a volcano.

Proportions of a volcano.

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Review game Forza Horizon 5, Proportions of a volcano.

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Forza Horizon 5 has once again raised the standard for open-world racing in a multitude of ways. a larger, higher, and infinitely more varied map of Mexico than any previous Horizon game. A new approach to the progressive construction of the Horizon Festival itself is leading to more special events that are intended to highlight Horizon 5 at its best. Improved tools that allow us to build completely custom events that can be more or less indistinguishable from those crafted by the developers themselves.

a significant visual improvement, particularly in the areas of dust, smoke, and tyre effects. There are numerous new performance upgrades, rims, and custom components, as well as vehicles that are even more unique than before. Significant gains in sound quality, improved handling, more precise settings and choices, and an increase in online activities. All in all, it’s really fantastic.

We must first take a quick look back at Forza Horizon 4, which really blew up into an incredible racing game back in 2018. This will help us grasp just how big Forza Horizon 5 is. Playground Games took over the flawless open-world racing found in all Horizon games up to this point and added simulated seasons, a revamped multiplayer experience for the shared world, and a change in the way they told their little car stories. However, Playground packed in even more activities over the course of the following three years after that first day. Weekly new activities were added to the festival playlist. The battle royale structure incorporated into a racing game by Horizon is called The Eliminator, showcasing their creativity and success. The Super7, where we could design and share our own challenges as well as take part in others’ specially constructed racing, driving, and stunt-based activities.

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All of this, plus a surprisingly large amount more,.

Forza Horizon 5 impresses by offering not only a vast amount of content transported to a new location, but also an abundance of additional content.

Mexico Charming
The depth of Playground’s wonderfully diverse map of Mexico is remarkable, offering an incredibly exotic and fascinating array of environments to get lost in. Although Horizon 5’s patchwork of vibrant settings and backgrounds is more reminiscent of Horizon 3, it feels noticeably larger than even Playground’s incredible 2016 take on Australia.

Mexico seems a lot bigger than even Playground’s amazing 2016 parody of Australia.

There is deep jungle, where muddy tracks wind through old temples, deserted airstrips, and thickets; and there is Baja, where sun-baked tarmac hugs the coast and the parched, sandy desert blends into the beach. The city of Guanajuato, with its intricate system of cobblestone streets and tunnels, is a charmingly colourful place that contrasts with a tranquil coastal town that is surrounded by mangroves on one side and the ocean on the other. Additionally, there is a picturesque gorge that resembles a scene from a Western film, along with windswept grass and rolling green farmland covered in crops. There’s the high, rocky volcanic peak of Gran Caldera and the semi-arid desert interior of the map, dotted with towering cacti and obstinate shrubs. Even a huge stadium is available for football henanigans.

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The best place to see that size is from the top of the Gran Caldera Volcano. It’s the highest point in any Horizon game, as the Playground Games team has emphasised, but you don’t have to take their word for it—just drive up there and you’ll see how much it dwarfs the Fortune Island expansion in Horizon 4 and the Blizzard Mountain expansion in Horizon 3. In addition to offering one of the best roads in the series thus far—a switchback-filled mountain run that I anticipate will become a drift haven for the sideways squad—the drastic elevation change also makes for an incredible demonstration of Horizon 5’s enormous draw distance. I really enjoy games that give me a sense of smallness in a vast, foreign environment, and Horizon 5 does this quite well.

It’s a fantastic demonstration of Horizon 5’s enormous draw distance.

With well over 500 cars, the garage is as expansive as the map itself, and it still vastly outclasses all of Forza Horizon’s competitors in open-world racing. Although the majority of the cars in the franchise aren’t particularly new, those of us who have been playing Forza Horizon 4 every week for the past few years and collecting every new car will have seen most of them already. However, Playground has made up for this in part by adding a tonne of new rim options and visual enhancements that could give some of the cars you’ve seen a lot in the past new life. Although the livery editor now supports higher-resolution designs and graphics, it is still unfortunate that decals cannot be applied to glass.

But Forza Horizon 5 is breathtakingly beautiful on both fronts—the cars and the map. That applies to both the 4K/30FPS quality mode and the 4K/60FPS performance mode on the Xbox Series X. Since the frame rate never, ever fluctuates in either mode—staying rock solid under all circumstances—I’ve been playing primarily in quality mode. However, I am aware that the visual compromises in performance mode are typically so slight that I must examine freeze frames in order to notice the difference. Although it’s difficult to choose a favourite visual aspect of Horizon 5, I believe my top pick would be the much improved smoke and dust effects, particularly the way light interacts with the airborne particles. It appears fantastic.

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Playground has redesigned the career mode, giving you more control over which event hubs and special races to unlock first thanks to a new points system. These points, known as “accolades,” are given for accomplishing both significant and small goals. They essentially serve as a much larger version of the Brick Challenges found in the LEGO expansion for Forza Horizon 4. This has made it possible for Playground to expand Horizon 5 with a few more carefully chosen drives that it has named Expeditions. Through these expeditions, the main career is given a taste of the fantastic but short-lived opening drive montages from the Horizon series. The playground stage controls the vehicles, weather, and time of day lighting to create memorable journeys that highlight Horizon 5 at its best. In one, you have to race through trees while lightning strikes the ground in front of you, and in another, you have to race up and down a rumbling volcano while steam jets burst through the surrounding ground.

On one expedition, you have to race through trees while nearby lightning strikes.

Significant multiplayer tweaks have also been made; this time, Playground has abandoned ranked play in favour of less stressful gameplay that doesn’t penalise you for other players’ poor racing manners. Unlike Horizon 4, players will no longer be stuck in shrinking groups of bitter losers who kill players when races don’t go their way. Instead, Horizon 5 has consolidated its PvP modes under one roof and now aims to welcome new participants as championships advance.


Forza Horizon 5 is a sophisticated and intricate automotive paradise that allows enthusiasts to endlessly gather, modify, and explore cars. It’s also a very accessible feast of racing spectacle that anybody can enjoy, regardless of driving prowess or mechanical expertise, from fans of the Deluxe Edition to avid Game Pass users. It’s a romantic tribute to the allure of road tripping through picture-perfect vacation vistas and an occasionally silly but always sincere Valentine to Mexico’s renowned culture. With more races, activities, and event types than can fit on some portions of the map, this long-range, MMO-inspired racer is growing rapidly, but it never feels overwhelming. It continuously rewards you for playing it the way you want to and never forces you to do anything you don’t want to. It is stunning to play, sounds amazing, and looks lovely. Indeed, Forza Horizon 5 is a multifaceted game. It is, above all, the product of the greatest open-world racing game I have ever played and a racing studio at the pinnacle of its craft.


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