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Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet are the most recent installments within the Pokémon sequence, and so they take the franchise in a daring new path. Set in a brand new open-world area, Scarlet and Violet permit gamers to discover freely and battle wild Pokémon at their very own tempo. The sport additionally incorporates a new era of Pokémon, in addition to a brand new story to observe.

Top-of-the-line issues about Pokémon Scarlet and Violet is the sense of freedom that it offers gamers. There are not any fastened routes to observe, and gamers can discover the world at their very own tempo. This makes it simple to search out and catch Pokémon, and it additionally permits gamers to discover the world at their very own tempo.


The sport additionally incorporates a new era of Pokémon, and these new Pokémon are all extremely well-designed. They’re all distinctive and fascinating, and so they add numerous selection to the sport. The sport additionally incorporates a new story, and this story is each thrilling and fascinating.

Total, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet is a unbelievable sport. It’s a nice step ahead for the franchise, and it’s positive to please followers of all ages.

Here’s a extra detailed evaluation of the sport’s totally different elements:


Pokémon Scarlet and Violet is a turn-based role-playing sport. Gamers management a younger coach who units out on a journey to grow to be the Pokémon Champion. Alongside the best way, they are going to battle different trainers, catch Pokémon, and discover the world.

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The sport’s gameplay is essentially unchanged from earlier Pokémon video games. Gamers can select from considered one of three starter Pokémon, and they’ll then set out on their journey. They are going to journey to totally different cities and cities, battle different trainers, and catch Pokémon.

One of many largest modifications to the gameplay is the introduction of the open world. Gamers are actually free to discover the world at their very own tempo. They will select which cities and cities to go to, and so they can battle different trainers each time they need. This provides the sport a way more open-ended really feel than earlier Pokémon video games.

The sport additionally incorporates a new battle system. Battles are actually extra dynamic, and gamers can now use quite a lot of new strikes. This makes battles tougher and thrilling.


Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are the primary Pokémon video games to be developed for the Nintendo Swap. Consequently, the sport options gorgeous graphics. The world is fantastically rendered, and the Pokémon are all extremely detailed.


The sport additionally options quite a lot of new animations. Pokémon now transfer extra fluidly, and their assaults look extra highly effective. This makes the sport extra visually interesting and fascinating.


The music in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet can be wonderful. The soundtrack is upbeat and catchy, and it completely enhances the sport’s environment.

The sound results are additionally effectively executed. The Pokémon all have distinctive cries, and the battle sounds are all satisfying.

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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet is a unbelievable sport. It’s a nice step ahead for the franchise, and it’s positive to please followers of all ages. The sport options gorgeous graphics, a wonderful soundtrack, and fascinating gameplay. In case you are a fan of Pokémon, then it’s best to positively take a look at Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

Listed here are some further ideas on the sport:

  • The sport’s open world is a large enchancment over earlier Pokémon video games. It permits gamers to discover the world at their very own tempo and discover Pokémon in a extra pure means.
  • The brand new era of Pokémon are all extremely well-designed. They’re all distinctive and fascinating, and so they add numerous selection to the sport.
  • The sport’s story is each thrilling and fascinating. It’s a nice enchancment over the tales of earlier Pokémon video games.

I was forced to face a difficult truth about myself while riding my motorbike off three successive cliffs in Pokémon Scarlet: I struggle with change just like anyone else. I talk a lot about having gameplay that is unique, but for a Pokémon game at least, I wanted the security of knowing exactly what to do. Up should be north and down should be south, was my wish. In Pokémon Scarlet, none of those statements were accurate. I found myself attacked by a ferocious Ice-type Cetoddle who had crept up in my blind area while I was fighting to establish a foothold on the frustratingly unclear terrain, one where safe, icy routes can be difficult to distinguish from perilous cliffs. My life was in danger after he beat me.


From Red to the Game Boy Color, I’ve played every Pokémon generation, and the fundamental gameplay has mostly not changed. You go through a maze-like area connected by routes, engage in turn-based combat with enemies, and run around specific tiles until the RNG produces a Pokémon for you. On the other hand, in Scarlet and Violet, you go around an open environment without any paths, you can see possible foes from a distance, and you pick your battles with great care.

The distinctiveness of Pokémon’s environment design has been compromised in favor of open-world exploration. Scarlet aspires to provide you with more freedom than any game before it, as opposed to enslaving you to the tyranny of confined exploration. You spend the majority of the game riding one of the Pokémon motorbikes, Miraidon or Koraidon (Scarlet) or Violet. Gas stations house Pokémarts and the Pokémon Center. The major selling point is that there is no predetermined course that you must take. You are free to visit towns in any sequence and engage in boss battles whenever you like. The levels of the adversaries do not scale with your own, unlike several open-world games. Hence, if, like me, you come across a level 40 Medicham while your Pokémon are level 18, you should… I’m hoping you brought Poké Dolls to occupy them.

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Scarlet, however, is a mediocre exploration game. Even though I’ve been in the new Paldea region for a few days, I still find it to be just as strange and foreign as the day I left the small village of Cabo Poco. The majority of open-world games rely on prominent visual landmarks to aid player navigation. Paldea is completely deserted, with only the occasional gas station serving as a signpost along the vast expanses of forest. I got lost several times while trying to find the very remote city of Alformada. Trainers and signs for the NPC continually made fun of me. Did you also get lost? Don’t you know this is the wrong way to do it? At first, I found the snarky humor amusing. Yet when I contrasted my experience with those in earlier Pokémon games, I found that the series’ shift to a more modern visual aesthetic had come at a price.

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The distinctiveness of Pokémon’s environment design has been compromised in favor of open-world exploration. Previous games had dozens of grassy routes around each location, but each one felt distinct. There was a good possibility I could tell where a screenshot of one of those earlier games was taken if you showed it to me. I’ve spent countless hours traveling in Palea, yet I’m at a loss as to what each city’s surroundings are like.

When I saw all of this uninteresting blandness, I muttered to myself, “What a waste.” It could be because I like to travel in real life. I’ve always enjoyed the challenges of learning how to get around in a new place. Highways were locations where the boundless sky and the infinite earth intersected, and each and every rest station was a welcome respite where people could be found. Learning to love things you might not like in other situations is a key component of travel. Yet, every person I encountered in Paldea while traveling was an NPC trainer. The only purpose of the gas station proprietors was to reward me after I defeated all of the neighboring adversaries. So instead of genuinely challenging them, it felt more like I was “gathering” triumphs from roadside trainers. And I frequently found myself looking down at the ground. I would be keeping a close eye out for any shiny objects on the ground or carefully keeping an eye out for any surprise ambushes from the vegetation. Paldea might have been stunning, but the gameplay made me avoid looking up and taking it all in.

I am aware that the main premise of this series is to track down and catch your favorite Pokémon. Though I want to be a tourist if a game tries to provide an open-world experience, Every unimpressive cliff, forest, and river seemed more like a barrier than a natural treasure. I still remember Mount Coronet from Diamond and Pearl’s profound calm with fondness, even after ten years have passed. On Mount Silver’s summit, I distinctly recall feeling as though I was standing on the shoulders of giants. Mt. Glaseado in Paldea seems like a steep, common hill in comparison. No sense of accomplishment or personal challenge came from scaling its peaks or delving into its icy depths. In fact, I frequently ended up there by mistake. In earlier games, the world design felt precise and deliberate, leading me through puzzle dungeons. It was cozy and private. It was taken away in Pokémon Scarlet and replaced with a mediocre open-world adventure.

Then there are the problems with performance. Naturally, we’ve been aware of them for a few weeks, and I’ve seen them in a number of tweets and videos. But nothing could have prepared me for how hostile the world felt when the camera accidentally passed through an object or when moving NPCs began to stutter erratically. A pokeball I hurled would frequently get trapped in the air. I’d hope that my Pokémon wouldn’t fall into the lake when I was fighting an opponent who was in the water. Even though the mistakes can occasionally be humorous, I eventually became weary of the whole thing. I couldn’t rely on the wall’s accurate hitboxes or the camera’s ability to follow. I recalled how the Kotaku staff had argued over whether or not it mattered that Legends: Arceus looked like an ass as I bugged through the floor for the fifth time. Is it important, as long as it’s enjoyable, that Scarlet and Violet have visual flaws? I really believe that the answer is yes. I don’t buy Pokémon video games to fight. I play them to mimic the experience of having sweet interactions with my Pokémon. I felt that I wasn’t getting the high-quality Pokémon experience that I was used to as I observed the moonlight convert my electric mouse Pawmot into an unusual shade of gray.

The lack of grinding in Scarlet may seem advantageous on paper, but in practice, it meant that I had to spend less time paying attention to how I was training my Pokémon. I know that this series’ long-standing turning point has occurred over numerous generations. To reach the endgame of training the hardest monsters for competitive or multiplayer play, or to be able to spend the entire game breeding shiny Pokémon if that’s more your style, the producers want you to finish the main story as quickly as you can. But as I observed my entire team leveling up simultaneously, I yearned for the times when trying to level a Magikarp involved a ceremony of devotion and love. Yes, it was frustrating that it had no moveset. And yeah, I had to make sure that my beginning Pokémon didn’t develop more quickly than their siblings. Nonetheless, a respectable amount of micromanagement allowed me to give my favorites extra attention. It felt great to receive a Volcarona after raising a Larvesta from birth to level 59.

At level 40, I just catch a wild goose and stuff some EXP candies into its mouth. Alternately, I take my Pokémon out of its ball and let it fight on its own as I advance toward our next stop. We didn’t seem to go through the battle together. I could raise one partner above another without incurring a significant opportunity cost, and I could use new Pokémon whenever I wanted to do so guilt-free. It might be okay for players new to the franchise, but I can’t help but think that they’re missing out on what originally made nurturing each Pokémon feel like a special experience. I could have just left my Pokémon at the daycare (which raises your Pokémon for you) if I didn’t want to experience the highs and lows of carrying about a Magikarp in the hopes that it would eventually evolve into Gyarados. Scarlet and Violet are still often reminded of childcare. Once more, this may have been acceptable if I had found the exploration to be more interesting than the actual combat. I didn’t, though.

The fights are also just fine. Knowing what to anticipate Send a Pokémon into the fray, then observe as they engage in turn-based combat. Paldea adds almost a hundred new Pokémon to the game, and it seems that the Fairy-type, which has been somewhat overpowered since its introduction in X and Y, is the main target of the roster. Compared to previous games, I found it to be incredibly simple to learn powerful Steel and Poison-type monsters, and my Fairy-type Dachsbun wasn’t just annihilating every Pokémon I encountered. I frequently assemble a team with brand-new Pokémon that are exclusive to that generation. You should try to capture some of the older Pokémon if you desire a Fire or Water type. Paldea isn’t attempting to create new powerhouses like Dragapult or Mimikyu; instead, the new Pokémon feature interesting type combinations or special ability gimmicks. The exception to this rule is the new Paradox Pokémon.

Nintendo/KKotaku Tera Types, another new entry in the series, aren’t exactly ground-breaking either. You can terastallize your Pokémon to give it a single monotype, each of which is exclusive to that particular Pokémon. Hence, the Psychic Type of a Pikachu can vary depending on its species: one might be Electric, another grassy, and yet another Dark. A major catch is that you can only Terastallize once every battle, and you can’t do it again until you get back to a Pokémon Center. In comparison to Mega Evolution from X and Y or Gigantimaxing from Sword and Shield, this ability is far weaker. This skill is not designed for long journeys or combating several waves of enemies, so you should only use it in an emergency.

Some trainers, including gym leaders, have the ability to Terastallize their Pokémon during combat, but they only do it for the final Pokémon in their party (and always for their specialized type). So, this mechanism doesn’t make gyms more difficult. I’m sure you could avoid Tera types for most of the game and still have a decent time. By the time I reached the endgame, I was largely unaware that it even existed. Teratypes are attractive, but don’t count on them to significantly change your experience.

I am aware that the Pokémon meta can only handle so much complexity before it becomes challenging for novice players. But I can recall when Pokémon first gained the ability to hold objects. Weather conditions existed when they obtained nature and engaged in battle. I recall the days when triple and rotation bouts were still being tested by the developers. I wish Scarlet and Violet had been able to implement a new mechanism that would have fundamentally altered how Pokémon were employed in combat and which novel combinations are currently competitive. The creators seem hesitant to dramatically alter competitive play, which results in mediocre gimmicks for casual players.

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