Grand Theft Auto III

Grand Theft Auto III

Rockstar's best work is an over-the-top, crime-filled rom-com blockbuster that makes thugs look like heroes.

Rockstar's best work is an over-the-top, crime-filled rom-com blockbuster that makes thugs look like heroes.

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Review game Grand Theft Auto III, Rockstar's best work is an over-the-top, crime-filled rom-com blockbuster that makes thugs look like heroes.

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Rockstar and DMA do the best job of showing the world as it really is from a deeply funny and rough-and-tumble point of view. There is no question that the world has far too much corruption, crime, prostitution, drug dealing, violence, etc. We can at least hear about these kinds of things in the news, and we might even be able to experience them ourselves. All of these things are bad. So, can these parts be put together to make a game? When did saving penguins, putting together cute games, and getting a kiss from a princess become such a chore?

Grand Theft Auto III

It seems like both players and creators have grown up and come to expect more from their games in the last four years. After Midnight Club, Smuggler’s Run, and Oni, Grand Theft Auto III is Rockstar’s fourth game for the PlayStation 2. It is the culmination of the studio’s work to make a “proper game” since Take-Two started its game division in 1998. Players can play the part of an eager low-life criminal in the game. The game’s many best parts include a great story about a mafioso who goes from being poor to rich, great music, interesting moments, and a huge, tense, very complicated environment.

Even though Grand Theft Auto III is so big, it still has some familiar gameplay elements. However, the experience as a whole is greater than the sum of its parts because the game is so big. Using the PS2’s new features, the people who made Grand Theft Auto III were able to make their full idea come true, creating a game that was ahead of its time.

Having Content That Makes You Wonder Maybe for Grandma… One thing is for sure: this game is not for the weak-hearted. Here, there’s no chasing fluffy dragons or double buttbumping for gold pieces. Nah. Grand Theft Auto III, a game about thieves and what they do, is mostly about killing people. If you shoot a gang member with a basic 9 or run them over with a car (which makes a funny squish sound), they’ll fall apart into a pool of blood. It is a very physical event. Also fair game are homeless people, workers, shoppers (without kids), and bag ladies who are just passing by. It’s about as different as you can get from Super Mario 64 as a video game.

Parents who watch what their kids play should think twice before buying this game for their kids because it has an M rating for adults. Remember that this is just a game; it’s meant to be fun. Like in the movies, comic books, or on TV. It’s aimed at adults and has things that appeal to them. If you don’t want to buy it, you don’t have to. Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive have sold millions of copies of Grand Theft Auto all over the world. This is proof that fans of the series want more games. You can include me in that group. I think it’s insanely good. The videogame business is doing well, and there are many different kinds of games, including a large number of games with mature themes. Grand Theft Auto III is one of these games, and I really like it.

Grand Theft Auto III

Last but not least, and now I’ll get off my high horse, this project stands out because it has a unique sense of humour. It was definitely a dark joke, but it was still a joke. At their core, the characters you meet, the AI you meet on the street, and the tasks you’re given all hint at the absurdity, irony, and humour that can be found in life’s darkest corners. This is not a true simulation of murder. I can’t think of a single video game that is. Instead, it’s a work of art that’s a nice break from everyday life.

How the game works

Even though 99.9% of the people who read this site probably already agree with me, I still feel like I need to explain that part every time. But the most important part of Grand Theft Auto III is how you play it. If you haven’t played GTA1 or GTA2 on PC or PlayStation, you should know that Grand Theft Auto III is a role-playing game where you can also drive, shoot, and explore.

Players take on the part of an unnamed criminal who is betrayed by his lover during a bank robbery, shot, and left for dead. With the help of your friend 8-Ball and the Italian Mafia, you can get away with a high-level hit-and-run and start over as the “kid,” “friend,” or whatever your new boss calls you. From there, players are thrown into a non-linear chain of missions for different crime groups, like the Italian mafia, the Japanese mafia, and others. The 3D environment of Liberty City is huge and epic, with different industrial, commercial, and suburban districts, each with its own architecture, landscapes, and aggressive AI.

Grand Theft Auto III is a video game.

Grand Theft Auto III is different from its predecessors because almost every task, no matter how big or small, has a lot of playable characters, cutscenes, and story. Players will notice that the voice acting in their tasks is very good. Many of the characters sound much more real than their cartoonish looks would lead you to believe. The game does, in fact, begin, move forward, and end. Players can still get tasks from their phones or be paged, but most of the time the story is driven by a few key characters whose jobs also serve as story devices. So, even though there are a lot of side quests and a huge world to explore, the game’s main goal is always there when the player is ready to tackle it.

To give you an idea, I spent the first three hours of Grand Theft Auto III choosing some major missions, but I kept getting sidetracked by other missions, side activities, and just plain exploring. For me, the whole point was to find and test out the cars on the different amazing and crazy stunt jump routines. As soon as I’d had enough, I went back to telling the story in a more normal way. The person can play as quickly and methodically as their skills allow or as randomly as they want. Grand Theft Auto III gives players more freedom, choices, and non-linear gameplay than ever before.

How big and how much

Both the size of the world in Grand Theft Auto III and the sheer number of tasks are impressive. There are hundreds of tasks that can be done. Each city is dozens of miles away from the others, and you’ll start to see more of them as you make your way through and as the bridges are “fixed. Once the city’s bridges and subways have been “repaired,” players are free to go to any part of the city by any means they choose. The game makes the player feel like they have a lot of freedom by letting them easily move around in a huge virtual world with streets, beaches, subways, buildings, and more. Unlike the first two games in the series, this one lets players easily explore and interact with buildings, including balconies, flat rooms, and rooftops, from which they can fall to their deaths or shoot at passing helicopters.

The fact that almost all of it can be explored makes it feel even bigger than it is. Some of the most surprising gifts can be found in places that are hard to reach. You can find 100 “secret packages” all over Liberty City. These packages have things like slowdown pills, frenzy icons, health icons, cop stars, secret instant stunt jumps, and a lot of guns. From the rooftops of buildings to the alleys below, there are secret passageways and hidden areas everywhere in the game world. GTA3 is so big and gives you so much freedom that I just don’t have the right words to describe it.

Grand Theft Auto III – GTA 3

There are both quick and slow ways to learn something. When I first started playing, I had to learn how to drive a car, use the guns (especially the aiming system for the automatic weapons), and figure out where everything was. In a few words, that’s the range of problems. I just drove around randomly for about two or three hours of that time. Vehicles vary in speed, handling, and other ways, but they are all easy to drive. Get in the car and use X to speed up, Square to slow down, R1 to powerslide (a great and important part of driving), L1 to change the station, R2 and L2 to pull off a drive-by shot, and Triangle to rob a car.

The hardest part is figuring out where the secrets are hidden. It takes time to find and remember things like health boosts, guns, paint-and-spray workshops, and Cop Stars, which remove stars from the Wanted Metre. Grand Theft Auto III has a small circular map or radar with coloured icons to show important places like Save Places, Mission Hubs, etc., and a compass. Four of these views are available while walking, and the other five are available while driving.

Cars and weapons

In Grand Theft Auto 3, you spend most of your time in a car and only a small amount of time on foot. It’s another thing that first-time GTA3 watchers often miss. It’s not just about height. It’s also about what they can do. The game gives players a fantastically unrestricted sense of freedom of movement, and the input list gives them a huge number and variety of directions to use. The game is mostly about driving (carjacking, getting out of a burning car, turning, speeding up, slowing down, power sliding, etc.), but players also have a lot of choices when they’re on foot. One can walk all over the city, run, sprint, jump, drive a boat, use eleven weapons, open doors, and steal any of the city’s 81 cars. Everything is taken care of through a simple design that is easy to learn and fun to use.

Those cars are really amazing. All of them react differently to shocks and have different top speeds, turning angles, and a lot more. The slow ones, like dump trucks (also called “dust trucks”), military vehicles, and police vans, are slow and awkward, but they can take a lot of abuse before they break down. Most of the cars in the game are in the middle size range. And it seems like they keep coming. If you’re like me, though, you’ll only want to drive the fastest ones after you’ve tried them all. As the city gets easier to get to, bigger, faster cars become easier to steal. After driving a Yakuza Stinger, Cheetah, or something similar, you’ll realise that cars like the Mafia Sentinel or the Sentinel, which looks like a Mercedes, are just toys. When that happens, the game moves along a lot faster.

You can do great things when you’re in the air. As long as you land your jump properly, your vehicle can be flipped, twisted, spun, rolled, or moved in other ways that almost always lead to crazy results (hence the name “Insane Stunt Jumps”). DMA also lets you take a beautiful movie-style still photo of your car flying through the air and landing on the ground. This is a very fun thing to do.

If you were wondering, every car can be completely and happily destroyed. Each car has about 17 parts that move or can be taken off that can be broken in a crash. And you won’t believe how fast a single car can be destroyed. Most of the time, the front of a car is damaged first. The next thing that happens is that the hood comes off and lands right in your face, and then the doors fly open on their own. After your bumpers, windows, and engine have been damaged and your engine has started to break down, it may be broken off. First some steam, then a deeper, smellier puff of smoke, and then flames. That’s it, friend. Get out of the car now, before it bursts and shakes everything to pieces.

You can use a lot of different weapons, but your bare hands are the most basic. Any of the game’s characters can be made to fight with a few well-placed punches, kicks, and headbutts. You’ll be given a bat once you’ve found your safe place. Soon after, more guns are made available. The full weaponry includes a bat, a Colt Pistol, an Uzi, an AK-47, an M16, a sniper rifle, a shotgun, a rocket launcher, grenades, and a flamethrower.

I like to use a sniper weapon, a Molotov cocktail, and an Uzi only in a drive-by. The Molotov cocktail is a dangerous tool because it can easily go wrong and set the person using it on fire. The fire spread quickly, killing many bystanders. It is beautiful and brutal, and it kills very quickly. The sniper gun does a great job. You can zoom in or out quickly without losing any accuracy. Even though DMA isn’t known for making first-person shooter games, it’s amazing that they got the sniper rifle right. You can move it quickly, over a large area, and even over small distances without causing any problems or messing up your work, so you have to start over. Like a lot of things in Grand Theft Auto III, it also feels natural. The arms are great.

Mission for Diversity

I’ve talked a lot about how big GTA3 is and how many extras it has, which are both great things, but I haven’t yet talked about how many tasks it has. As one of the first jobs, players have to find floozies and take them to a certain place. As you play through the hundreds of missions, they get harder. Some missions are “try and die,” while others credit speed, driving skill, or a mix of location-based hits and gunplay. My favourite was the sniper mission, where I used an 8-ball to kill many members of the Columbian Cartel at the dock. The mini-missions were also a lot of fun. My favourites were city races that reminded me of Midnight Club and had crazy AI for enemy cars.

Grand Theft Auto III’s try-and-die gameplay has its drawbacks, but the game puts a lot of weight on player skill and has a wide range of tasks that can be hard or easy. If a player is having trouble with a certain task, they can easily finish a few others and then go back to the hard one. The game can have up to five tasks going at once. These missions can be given by different characters, phone booths, or simple icons.

Last but not least, players don’t have to do the first few quests if they don’t want to. If you want to, you can go for a joyride and see what happens. The game is also set up for people who want to play but aren’t quite ready to take on the training goals. Do you remember me telling you that any car in the game could be stolen? That means taxis, fire trucks, ambulances, and police cars. That is true. You can make money driving a taxi, an ambulance, a police car, or a fire engine by taking people where they need to go, catching thieves, or putting out fires. No matter how small a task is, it’s all really cool and a part of the game.

Pictures and diagrams

In Grand Theft Auto 1 and 2, the games’ points of view made it hard to tell how big things were. You’re now right in the middle of what’s going on. Players can choose to play from the usual top-down view, like in the first two games, or they can play from a closer, over-the-shoulder view. Being so close to someone makes how you feel about them much stronger and more instant. Even though the first two games and GTA 3 all had big worlds, GTA 3’s world looks even bigger than it really is because of how the game is played. So, even in this one way, the game has changed a lot for the better.

Grand Theft Auto III uses a lot of different graphic features to create a lot of different looks. The game has a unique style of graphics, with most of the main characters and secondary characters looking like cartoons. The art is made with thick lines, and its subjects are realistic in many ways: they are heavy, balding, square-jawed, and square-headed (in some cases), and they all have an air of urban chic, heaviness, exhaustion, or even sadness. The artwork that shows up during cutscenes and while the game is playing is interesting, but I didn’t like it. Strange things happen when you put together the dirty, shady figures who move around in a 3D world and the art that surrounds them. Cutscenes with well-done lip sync are a nice touch, as is the fact that the models can blink and move around with what look like human-like movements.

If you ask any of the few developers who have used streaming as the core of a game, they will tell you how hard it is. With the help of streaming techniques and RenderWare, DMA has made a game that is both beautiful to look at and technically amazing. The day-night pattern gives us a dynamic, always-changing set of things to do. When night comes for the first time, you’ll see a beautiful moon that seems to take up about half of the sky. At that time, you’ll also notice that the types of people you see on the streets will change.

There are many different kinds of weather in the game. At times, a thick fog covers the city, and at other times, it looks like it’s pouring strongly. The smoke and fire effects are also well done, but the cars are where most of the action takes place. There are a lot of moving things, lens flares, and great textures to make up for the lack of depth. The characters are interesting in their own quirky, slightly bizarre (in a literary sense) way. The main character’s clothes, which have details like pocket flaps and zippers, and faces, which have beards, wrinkles, and eyes that blink, were given a lot of thought.

Grand Theft Auto III is a video game.

If Grand Theft Auto III had a flaw, it would be the images. They aren’t perfect, and they don’t have the most interesting graphics on the system. The game has fade-in and pop-in, and they are more noticeable when you move quickly (it looks like you’re moving faster than the game can draw the textures). When looking at a multi-story parking space from behind a car, there is a lot of texture clipping, and collision detection isn’t very good. Since I’ve been looking at them for more than 35 hours, I’m almost over caring. Only because of the grade could I remember it. Because the camera moves around Liberty City, you may see what looks like miles and miles of the city at any given time. That is really great, dude.

Don’t make any

The sound in GTA 3 is amazing in both its quality and how well it works. The game’s sound is one of its many strengths. As unbelievable as it may seem, a huge number of groups, songs, and people made the game’s music. Like the other games in the series, each car you steal has a radio with a different station already set. In one car, an older couple might be listening to classical music, while in another, a group of young guys might be jamming out to house, reggae, or oldies.

With the L1 button, the player can quickly and easily choose from any of the nine radio stations in the game. The number of stations is great, and they offer more than 3.5 hours of CD-quality music. The sound quality is, to put it simply, excellent. There are many different kinds of music on these stations, from commercial pop on Head Radio and Lips to real classical music on Double Clef, hip-hop on Game Radio, talk radio on Chatterbox, reggae and dub on K-Jah, drum & bass on MSX, trance on Rise FM, and retro ’80s hits on Flashback.

I think Chatterbox is the funniest spoof of the endless stream of American radio talk shows that we have to listen to. It’s completely original, funny, and cute, from the host’s chip on his shoulder to the ridiculously cheesy ads ( “delivering little bundles of love directly to your door”) to the incredibly stupid callers.

It has some of the best music I’ve heard in a video game, and the voice acting is also very good. Michael Madsen (Reservoir Dogs 1992, Donnie Brasco, Wyatt Earp), Kyle MacLachan (Blue Velvet, Twin Peaks, Showgirls, Dune), Michael Rapaport (Men of Honour, Deep Blue Sea, Dr. Dolittle 2, Bamboozled), Debbi Mazar, Frank Vincent, and Guru have been added to the cast unofficially. Rockstar will neither confirm nor deny their participation.

The sound was made with a dramatic approach in mind. It has a dynamic 3D audio system that scales and references sounds based on where the player is in the game. Everything, from the radio stations in the car to the dialogue in the game to the weather and weapon effects, was carefully studied and added. I’d go so far as to say that the score is more moving than the movie itself.

The verdict

Last, I’ll tell you what I think, which is what this ridiculously long review is all about. Just what I was thinking. What, Grand Theft Auto III? It’s all right. The joke was meant Even if Rockstar had never been so nice as to give us exclusive coverage of its game, I wouldn’t feel any different about it than I do now. The game is one of the best things to come out for the PlayStation 2 or any other device this year, and it’s great. It seems like I’ve been saying that a lot this year (Devil May Cry, Twisted Metal Black, Silent Hill 2), and that’s because it’s true. It’s a fact that can’t be denied.

I never liked the top-down view, and being too focused on how the game worked kept me from liking Grand Theft Auto 1 and 2. But after seeing what DMA did to this game, it’s hard for me to find anything wrong with it. And guess what? DMA fixed even the smallest problems I had with GTA1 and GTA2, like getting stuck in a car in a corner and only being able to get in or out from one side. It also fixed a lot of other problems for this last attempt. Due to the size, depth, and range of the game, players can expect to spend more than 50 hours on their first playthrough. And that doesn’t even explain why nothing was left out. For that, I’d say the game would take 60–70 hours to play through.

The more time players put into Grand Theft Auto III, the better it gets, even though it can be very hard. Even though the game is hard, there are so many reasons to keep playing that only sleep and my lovely wife stop me from playing Grand Theft Auto III all night (or four nights).

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