GTA 6 Online would be a breath of fresh air for these 5 reasons.


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There hasn’t been a new GTA game in a while, but that might change shortly. Although Rockstar Software hasn’t publicly announced the series’ next entry, there has been official information indicating ongoing development of the undertaking.

Nonetheless, a lot of people believe the new game will provide more features. With the anticipated improvements to the aesthetics and gameplay in general, the online experience will be a breath of fresh air for both new players and dedicated fans.

In this paper, I’ll discuss why Rockstar Games’ next title has to seem novel and new, as well as what it can do to enhance immersion.

After playing GTA 5 for nine years, gamers are anxious to explore new places in the next title. Most loyal players are familiar with the location inside and out since GTA 5’s offline story mode and online map are both located in the same neighborhood.


According to rumors, the next game will have brand-new locations, whole new characters, and allusions to earlier titles. The commencement of the countdown to the big release is something that players anxiously await in any news or information.

2) Brand-new, better equipment

In addition to the wide variety of cars currently in the game, new vehicles are often added to GTA Online. The next game is expected to have even more vehicles. According to previously disclosed leaks, some gamers are even more excited than before about many new features, especially with all the newest interior controls.

Leaked inside photos show the incredible degree of detail that has been included in the vehicles, along with dynamic movements and programmable options.

GTA 6 price 2.jpg 1024x568 1

  • sitting position with armrests
  • Rearview mirror placement
  • Interactive clutch, gas, and brake pedals
  • how the steering wheel is positioned
  • Sunblinds, reclining chairs, and more

Complicated NPCs

NPCs should now react more quickly, which might provide another feature that GTA Online is missing. In GTA Online, NPCs normally run away or don’t strike back when provoked, but if they can respond differently depending on the situation, things can change.


Advanced NPCs will increase the complexity and force players to reconsider how they approach tasks during missions and heists. When Rockstar makes the details more realistic, the game becomes more immersive.

4) Weapons

It won’t be long until the act of changing weaponry becomes novel. With permission from YouTube/ATA DBEST
It won’t be long until the act of changing weaponry becomes novel. With permission from YouTube/ATA DBEST
The upcoming game in the series is expected to have a plethora of features, so gamers are also hoping for new weapon talents. The following are some of the much-awaited innovations that will give the multiplayer mode a fresh experience:

Due to players’ ability to stand and shoot from outside the window as well as from behind cars, more weapons, such as assault rifles, are accessible during drive-bys.

The most recent patch for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City included a new weapon wheel in addition to changing the weapon wheel animations.

updating the animations for picking up new weapons, dumping old weapons, and carrying additional weapons in a bag.

5) Eye-catchingGrand Theft Auto Online is already well-liked, and the updated and extended version is far more visually appealing than the original. Current video games are capable of ray tracing, A.I. upscaling, faster frame rates, and resolutions far higher than 1080p.

Modders have already shown how the Grand Theft Auto universe would look after all the visual changes. With altered scripts, certain aspects may be given life, such as better weather effects, reflections, and shadow quality.

If the next game’s final version looks even somewhat as good, the whole online experience will be significantly more rewarding than GTA Online.