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Homescapes is a match-3 puzzle recreation developed by Playrix. The sport was launched in 2017 and has since developed to be one of the many commonplace cell video games on this planet. Homescapes has been downloaded over 1 billion times and has been praised for its addictive gameplay, charming graphics, and heartwarming story.

Homescapes Assessment: The One Factor That Wastes Most Of My Time

The Premise Of The Homescapes Game

Review game Homescapes

Review game Homescapes

Mainly, you’re fixing up a house, room by room, that Austin and his dad and mom reside in. He’s always keen to repair one thing, and there’s always one thing to repair.

You earn stars by enjoying the primary sport, after which you should use these stars to do the duties around the home that should be executed: plant the backyard, paint partitions, retile flooring, and many others. As you do duties, the house will get built up, but you additionally get boosters that help you win the primary sport. At the end of the day, whenever you attain the 100% mark, you get a half-hour of free play and a booster.

Review game Homescapes

Review game Homescapes

You get 5 lives to play with in case you don’t purchase the ‘golden ticket’ (see below), and every life renews within 20 minutes. So, if you’re out of lives, you’re out of luck. You need to sit around and look forward to a brand new life to come back and strive for the sport once more. You may see within the high left of the next screenshot that it’ll nonetheless be 4 minutes and 40 seconds earlier than a brand new life seems and I can play once more. You may also change lives with friends or teammates; however, who needs to try this? Not me!


On and on it goes. You play the sport, win stars, redo the home, win rewards, and play the sport. You spend a lot of time in one room or space until it’s full, and then you definitely transfer on to another. And the sport goes on and on because the builders are always creating new rooms and keeping them up to date.

I Used To Care About The Home Renovations

I’m certain some individuals who play the Homescapes sport are maintaining the house because it will get renovated. Not me. I typically take note of what they’re doing with the celebs; however, normally, I simply repair up the house in order that I can win boosters or free lives and get back to enjoying the primary sport seen under.

In this sport, it is advisable to complete the challenges so as to win. As an example, in the following screenshot, I nonetheless must knock out 37 of these yellow-colored squares (which get colored after you make matches subsequent to these olive oil-looking issues) in 11 extra strikes.


I’m fully hooked on this Homescapes sport. If I had spent half as much time doing work as I did enjoying this sport prior to this year, I’d be a lot better off; however, that is what I flip to once I’m feeling stressed or simply wish to zone out. I’ve spent total street time enjoying this sport. I’m on stage 2317, and lots of the video games take multiple attempts to beat them—at  least for me.

Review game Homescapes

Review game Homescapes

Let’s say every sport took a mean of 5 minutes. That may imply that I’ve spent about 193 HOURS on this sport. However, the very fact is that sort of all of the video games take much longer than 5 minutes to win. So I’d divide 193 hours by 3 or 5 or 10—I don’t even wish to give it some thought.

In reality, we watched your entire sequence of Z Nation on Netflix, and I performed Homescapes constantly while we watched. And that’s only a fraction of the time that I’ve spent on this sport.

You Will Most likely Spend Cash on Homescapes recreation.

The Homescapes app is free to obtain and play; however, if you become hooked on it, you’ll spend cash.

As soon as every few months, Homescapes gives a brand new ‘season’. You should buy the ‘golden ticket, which is just a way to earn additional boosters and rewards so that you can play extra. It only costs about $8 CAD, and I purchase it each time. It’s simply smart to do it if you’re obsessive about this sport. You get an additional 3 lives with the season (so as a substitute for 5 lives, you get 8) and rewards. Nevertheless, I’ve yet to finish your entire season and get all of the rewards. It’s too laborious, which is completely irritating.

Review game Homescapes

Review game Homescapes

Furthermore, Homescapes has a factor referred to as the ‘gold reserve, the place you’ll be able to earn cash after profitable video games, after which you can purchase them again for about $4. These coins should buy you lives or boosters, and I can’t count the variety of occasions I’ve had to purchase them as a result of having no extra lives or wanting boosters to beat a stage. To purchase lives, it costs 900 cash, and the boosters vary from 900 to 1900, so you’ll be able to see how briskly the cash goes in case you can’t win.


Additionally, Homescapes offers packages that you may purchase, which include cash and boosters. Typically, these go on ‘sale’. I’ve purchased the sale packages fairly recently on just a few occasions.

Review game Homescapes

Review game Homescapes

I don’t even wish to take into consideration the sum of money I’ve spent on Homescapes. Far more than I’d spend on shopping for an online game or every other sport, that’s for certain.

I keep telling myself that I won’t purchase anything, but then I get caught for days on a stage and might not take it anymore. I want to purchase boosters to get past it.

I learned about this evaluation of Homescapes in the app store, and I completely agree with it on some points. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one spending huge cash.

Homescapes responded by saying that every range is achievable without spending actual cash. That could be, but it could take days and days to beat them, and if you wish to shift to a subsequent stage or if you need extra lives, you’ll spend the cash.

Different Issues That Have Ticked Me Off About Homescapes

I’ve truly begun this Homescapes evaluation just a few occasions prior to now (I don’t remember once I downloaded it, but it surely’s been over a year for certain). Sadly, I normally begin writing my evaluation once I’m extraordinarily ticked off with the sport, and as I mentioned in an earlier article, I won’t write a review if it’s solely negative. Right now, I’m feeling slightly extra balanced.

Listed below are the issues I dislike most about Homescapes.

Recreation Wastes Time When You Don’t Need To Waste Time

Day by day, when you open up Homescapes, you get a daily bonus booster as a reward for taking part in that day. Each seven days, you get an additional reward with a booster that lasts for a quarter-hour to an hour. On the thirtieth day, you get one hour of all of the boosters, which implies you’ll be able to just about win the video games you’re enjoying for an hour, normally.

Nearly Day 30 Of Homescapes Every Day Bonus, Which Means 1 Hour Of Every Booster

When this occurs, I discover that the sport usually pulls me into Austin’s world and spends endlessly on a dialog that I can’t get out of till they’re done speaking. This wastes the time I’ve got to make use of these rewards, and it pisses me off, to say the least. You only get these rewards so often, so to waste even 5 minutes on them is vitally irritating.

Sometimes, The Boosters Don’t Do Something helpful.

The boosters embody a paper airplane that may knock out the squares around it and fly to knock out another one. There’s a bomb that explodes the squares around it. There’s a rocket that blasts by way of a line, either vertically or horizontally. And there’s a rainbow ball that clears off no matter what shade you employ it with—or multiples the opposite boosters in case you use it with all of them. You may also mix the opposite boosters for extra energy. As an example, combining the bomb and rocket takes out three strains horizontally and vertically throughout the board.

Review game Homescapes

Review game Homescapes

One factor I’ve seen is that typically the booster (or booster mixture) doesn’t truly do something helpful. It would take off a chunk that has no effect on whether or not you’ll be able to win the sport, which is SO FRUSTRATING! Why bother having a booster if it will aid you in a roundabout way?

The Promotion Of One Other App Inside The Recreation

The creators should have created one thing referred to as Gardenscapes, as a result of, for some time, it appeared like I used to be at all times being requested to assist out with the gardening, after which I was led to a distinct app. That was kind of annoying. They used the identical colored buttons you’ll push to play to steer you to this app, which I used on just a few occasions when I wasn’t paying full consideration.

Simply tell us about the app and transfer on. I don’t think about promotion, particularly of an identical sport, but when it always distracts me from making an attempt to play the sport I wish to play, that’s enough already.

In Homescapes, you play as Austin, a youthful man who returns to his childhood mansion after his father passes away. The mansion is in a state of disrepair, and it should take as much effort as Austin’s to revive it to its former glory. To do that, you’ll have to resolve match-3 puzzles to earn stars. Stars can then be used to buy new furnishings, decorations, and completely different objects for the mansion.

Review game Homescapes

Review game Homescapes

The match-3 puzzles in Homescapes are powerful but honest. The sport presents varied power-ups that will aid you in clearing up the puzzles, and there’s additionally the potential to earn further stars by finishing bonus targets. As you progress through the sport, the puzzles become more sturdy, but the rewards also become more priceless.

Along with the match-3 puzzles, Homescapes also incorporates a heartwarming story. As you restore the mansion, you’ll meet a steady stream of charming characters, including Austin’s butler, Mr. Jones, and his neighbor, Mrs. Jones. The story is full of humor, a coronary heart, and a journey, and it’s optimistic enough to keep you entertained from start to finish.

Review game Homescapes

Review game Homescapes

Homescapes is a fantastically designed recreation with beautiful graphics and an enthralling soundtrack. The sport is simple to test but nonetheless difficult to know, and it’s optimistic to keep you entertained for hours on end. On the occasion you happen to be on the hunt for a mannequin new match-3 puzzle recreation to play, then Homescapes is definitely worth attempting.

Listed below are loads of the pros and cons of Homescapes:


  • Addictive gameplay
  • Charming graphics
  • Heartwarming story
  • Number of power-ups
  • Further stars for ending bonus targets


  • It may presumably be troublesome to progress without spending cash.
  • Some ranges are too troublesome.
  • Ads are also intrusive.

Full, Homescapes is an efficient recreation that’s optimistic to provide hours of leisure. Nonetheless, if you’re not able to spend cash, you’ll find it troublesome to progress through the sport.

Listed below are some ideas for taking part in Homescapes:

  • Use power-ups appropriately. Energy-ups are sometimes a lifesaver, particularly whenever you’re caught in a tough stage.
  • Full bonus targets. Bonus targets can earn you further stars, which might also make it simpler to progress through the sport.
  • Watch adverts. Chances are high that you will watch advertisements to earn more lives and stars.
  • Be an affected person. Some ranges are also very troublesome, so don’t get discouraged if you can’t beat them instantly. Simply apply, and you will ultimately get there.

On the occasion that you happen to be on the hunt for a pleasing and difficult match-3 puzzle recreation with a heartwarming story, then Homescapes is definitely worth attempting.

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