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Battle Royale from Respawn is still innovative and impressive.

Battle Royale from Respawn is still innovative and impressive.

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Review game Apex Legends, Battle Royale from Respawn is still innovative and impressive.

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Apex Legends is the only battle royale game where I can shoot a little black hole at an enemy squad, catapult myself into the air to avoid bullets, and have my buddy rain mortars down on them at the same time is Apex Legends. 2019 saw the release of Apex, which has since expanded and changed in fascinating ways, bringing new ideas and more substance to a genre that all too often feels copycat. My pulse always races during the intense battles where I have to hip-fire a sniper rifle to win 1v1 combat and save my allies while sliding, jumping, and dodging bullets. I haven’t felt anything like this in any other battle royale: mobility, adaptability, and teamwork come together to create an exhilarating and satisfying experience.

Although the gameplay structure is well-known (e.g., players drop into a large map, pick up randomly scattered loot, and fight inside an ever-closing circle to be the last team standing), what makes Apex feel different from other battle royale shooters is the 16 playable characters, or Legends. Unlike standard battle royale games, where players’ roles are primarily determined by the equipment they find, each character in this game possesses a unique set of skills and advantages that can be utilized to match their preferred style of play. I really enjoy how various legends may collaborate and work as a three-person team to maximize their abilities beyond what they could achieve on their own. Choosing Bloodhound, for instance, will make sense if someone on your squad is using smoke bombs and playing as Caustic or Bangalore because they can see through the haze and highlight adversaries that are close by.

And while it’s true that in some circumstances some legends feel stronger than others, I enjoy that the outcome of a toe-to-toe duel doesn’t necessarily decide who wins. With Bloodhound, you can use the abilities to increase your own awareness of enemy locations, and with Horizon, you can get an advantage in height. However, compared to a hero shooter like Overwatch, where skills are crucial for assembling a strong team with defined roles to fill, Apex places a greater emphasis on your own talent than the precise actions of your Legend.

The backstories of each legend are likewise based on the same universe as the Titanfall video game series by developer Respawn. Thirty years after the events of Titanfall 2, Apex continues the already fascinating universe with a narrative that advances with each significant occurrence. The game takes place in this universe. Comics and cinematic shorts effectively tell the story, even though it may not be visible during a match. These explanations delve into the origins of the Apex Games, how each Legend became involved, their interconnections, and their interactions beyond the Games. Respawn’s exploration of great imagination and narrative in Apex is fantastic, as the Titanfall games never received the attention they deserved.

Possess or develop a skill
I truly appreciate the ability to win a battle solely based on talent, even when facing an opponent with a fully functional weapon while using a rifle without any attachments.  Part of the problem with the gunplay in Ubisoft’s battle royale game Hyper Scape was that, no matter how good your aim was, you couldn’t really put up enough of a fight to survive or even seriously injure your opponent unless you had a level five weapon. The level of a weapon still matters a lot, but Fortnite does a better job at rewarding ability than gun rarity. Apex stands out as a skill-based game, Apex truly stands out because all of its weapons are functional even without the best attachments.

Apex’s extensive array of incredibly gratifying futuristic weaponry, some of which are straight out of Titanfall, will test your aim more than your luck. A wide variety of sniper rifles, from lightweight burst shots to slow but powerful slugs, are available for long-range combat; alternatively, if you’d rather battle up close, you can pick from a variety of SMGs and shotguns. The variety of guns available increases with the addition of a new weapon every other season. Gun attachments let you further customize a weapon to your liking in terms of handling instead of just adding damage; thus, how you use the weapon matters more than what’s attached to it.

How you use your weapon is more important than what is attached to it.

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Adapting to changes in and out of a fight is a big part of what a battle royale should be about: testing your survival skills. The gunplay is constantly changing because of weapon modifications that are included in the season updates, which are released every few months. For instance, in Season 6, the devotion drop weapon was restored to the ground loot pool, but the SMG R-99 was taken out of it and placed within exclusive loot packages that drop at random during games.  This modification was made in response to the seasonal release of the Volt, a new energy SMG that incentivized R-99 primary users to switch to the Volt.  The Mastiff shotgun, which received a minor fire rate reduction in a midseason update to make it more playable but less dominant, is the best close-range weapon in the currently active Season 8 that most players are using. I do enjoy that the balance adjustments and changes help prevent one weapon from being stronger than the others for an extended period of time and generally make each gun a good choice in fights, even though these frequent updates can occasionally be annoying when it seems like I’ve only recently gotten the hang of the strongest weapon combinations from the previous season.

The armor system in Apex is unique from other games as well, taking a relatively basic idea and making it much more complex with the addition of Evo Shields—a very adorable term for the game’s growing shield layers. There are four tiers of shields, with the exception of the gold shield, which doubles your healing from lesser heal items. You can only find the first three during a match; to reach the next tier, you must deal damage to foes in order to “level up” your shield. I really enjoy this method because it immediately places you in the lowest tier if you deal 100 damage with no shield at all. This encourages you to fight through the initial drop, even if you don’t find anything right away.

Unlike other games’ armor mechanics in other games, which may occasionally make fighting feel like a mistake since even if you win, you’ll end up weaker than when you started, I adore the sense of gaining new armor, which motivates me to push more fights earlier so that I can level it up. Although you can still swap out your armor by finding better items or removing it from defeated opponents, the notion of having to strive for the highest tier makes battles feel more worthwhile overall. Additionally, there’s a very pleasant sound effect that plays as your armor levels up.

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Whether I play for enjoyment or competition, Apex has always been enjoyable during my 800 hours of gaming. But after so long, you can’t help but notice some persistent issues. For several seasons, there have been annoying audio problems. The main offense is the absence of enemy footstep indications. That method works great most of the time, and I can hear adversaries crossing a certain stage above or below me. However, our squad frequently gets caught off guard when an opposition team approaches without warning us.

It makes sense that Apex has the finest movement of any battle royale game I’ve played, given its Titanfall heritage. Despite the absence of a wall run feature, players can still have an amazing experience exploring the landscape by combining the abundance of other running, sliding, and climbing features. One of the greatest experiences in all of Apex is being able to slide down a whole hill without losing momentum before jumping at the end to continue sprinting. The slide move in particular is the smoothest I’ve felt in any game (apart from Titanfall itself). The FPS mobility systems in Respawn remain unparalleled.

The FPS mobility systems in Respawn remain unparalleled.

Furthermore, Apex’s ground-breaking contextual ping system was the first of its type when it launched and has only become stronger since. With just one button, you can quickly and thoroughly communicate with your team without using voice chat at all. Apex can identify objects, threats, and almost anything else you want by simply looking at it and pressing a button. Its remarkable accuracy enables it to translate your meaning into spoken feedback for your team. Furthermore, the ping system can still be useful in describing the location of an enemy, a difficulty spot, or a future movement site, even if you decide to use voice chat. In addition to being a fantastic accessibility feature, this is a really smart method to enhance teamwork when waiting in line alone.

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Preserving All Headings, Titles, and Numbering

These days, World’s Edge, Olympus, and Kings Canyon are the three apex maps that are frequently used. Because each map has a different geography and size, they practically all promote a certain playstyle. Apex released Kings Canyon as the first map, despite multiple location updates throughout the seasons. It is therefore the worst offense when it comes to being assaulted by a third party when you are engaged in combat with an opposing squad. Because of the tiny map structure and the proximity of the places of interest (POIs), you may hear gunfire from a number of them, which makes rotations fast. World’s Edge is Apex’s second-largest map, and because of its size, it offers more rotation choices and the most diverse points of interest, making it less likely than Kings Canyon to be surprised by a third party. The most recent map to be released a few seasons ago was Olympus, which is also the only one with a vehicle and unquestionably the most beautiful of the three. Because there are several ways to travel from one place to another—especially when driving your very own Trident, the game’s hover car—Olympus is a stunning map with the simplest rotations. Every season, the game developers choose and rotate two maps every hour, preventing any one map from becoming boring and avoiding excessive repetition for those waiting in line.

Apex’s limited-time game modes, which feature teams of two or three, in addition to its permanent game types with varying events, have prevented the game from becoming monotonous or boring. One of my personal favorites is the Winter Express seasonal mode, which is repetitive and requires your team and two other teams to maintain possession of a train that makes stops at different locations on the World’s Edge map. To maintain a point in it, you must select the best character and gun loadout you are comfortable with before engaging in chaotic close-quarters combat. Each legend has a unique loadout that only that character can utilize. For those who would prefer to play a standard battle royale, they can choose not to participate in these time-limited events, but I think it’s great that Respawn is always experimenting and adding new ideas that are more focused on the multiplayer aspect of battle royale games than the genre itself.

A somewhat novel concept for the genre, ranking game mode, was first introduced by Apex back in Season 2. Since there are so many variables to consider when evaluating a match’s performance in addition to the winning team, I wasn’t sure how well it would work. Randomized loot drops, for instance, make it possible for even the most experienced players to simply go unlucky occasionally. This is an exciting aspect of a particular game, but it complicates ranking comparisons between them. Furthermore, compared to the more frequent, concentrated battles on Kings Canyon, the comparatively open World’s Edge alters team strategy and allows for more rotations, whereas Olympus functions as a combination of the two. Every half-season, ranked play alternates between two maps, meaning that the competitive meta is always shifting.

My favorite way to play is now in Apex’s ranked mode.

However, because it matches you against opponents of similar level, Apex’s ranked mode avoids these possible drawbacks and has even grown to be my favorite mode to play. I thought the ranked system would be weird because you could just keep accumulating up-rated points if you held out to reach the top five, slowly but steadily raising your rank even if you weren’t taking many direct hits. However, the rank-capping at your skill level works pretty nicely. However, the skill-based matching system that sits behind that rating places you against opponents that are most similar to your own skill level, giving the system a balanced feel and preventing anyone from simply racking up points without the corresponding skills. This system performs remarkably well for a game in a genre that is not recognized for ranked play.

The real issue with ranked play is that Apex’s servers don’t always guarantee fair play. I have struck an enemy straight, heard the impact, and seen blood flow out of them, only to discover that no damage had actually been done. Ping within servers might change suddenly. The server’s unresponsiveness made it impossible to switch weapons or heal until enough teams had been eliminated in several situations. In other matches, players were unable to move at all without experiencing extreme lag. However, in professional matches where every move counts, issues like this one cannot be justified, even with occasional maintenance updates that temporarily fix problems. In fact, server desync has gotten worse following large updates. Respawn disclosed that it was monitoring reports of server problems, but more action is needed. Even though it doesn’t happen every day, it happens frequently enough that I use the server’s apparent performance to determine which days I’ll play ranked.


Now Apex Legends is my favorite game to play when I want something entertaining and competitive is now Apex Legends. It’s the perfect balance of exciting and approachable to be able to team up with friends and experiment with different combinations of Legend skills in the pursuit of that rewarding Champion win screen. No match is ever the same as another, regardless of the mode or map, thanks to the frequent upgrades that prevent the gunplay from ever becoming monotonous and repetitive. It’s always entertaining to play with the legend’s many fantastic weaponry and skills, especially when accompanied by a group of buddies. And even if there are sometimes annoyingly choppy audio and server issues that make an otherwise smooth ride down a hillside, I still find myself readily spending hours in line for “just one more game.”

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