Football Manager 2024

Football Manager 2024

An excellent football simulation

An excellent football simulation

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Review game Football Manager 2024, An excellent football simulation

PROS: A lot of new features, such as performance goals, middlemen to sell players, and set-piece coaches

There are numerous clubs available.
A match engine with greater variety and expressiveness
Can you use your save from the game last year to play this year?
Several approaches to managing squad updates when initiating a file
not fully licenced by clubs and leagues
steep learning curve for inexperienced players

FOOTBALL MANAGER 2024 SPECS: Games: Simulation, Sports; Platform: PC; ESRB Rating: E for Everyone

The most well-liked football simulation isn’t settling for second place. The addition of new features and improvements to Football Manager 2024 ($59.99) significantly enhances the sports simulation experience. After the fantastic 2022 release, the previous series entry was a little light on big features. However, 2024’s abundance of additions—such as importing a save file from the previous year, showcasing more player personalities in the in-match engine, and providing several ways to launch a new game—make it the most feature-rich release to date. Although it’s hard to completely redesign an annualised title, this one is noticeably better and more robust thanks to the numerous new features. Football Manager 2024 is one of our Editors’ Choice PC games because it’s a great starting point for new players or a nice upgrade if you’re a few editions behind.

An Account of Achievement

In the intricate simulation game series Football Manager, your job is to coach and manage a football team. In the real world, the role of coaching and managing a football team is rarely filled by the same individual; instead, directors, chairmen, and recruitment departments now actually run the club. Nonetheless, it’s just more enjoyable and makes for a better video game experience when one person leads a group and implements strategies.

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You go through sheets of tactics, instructions, data, training, scouting, and transfers instead of actually playing the matches. That may sound uninteresting, but the show is a fantastic engine for emergent narrative as well as a complex and compelling simulation. My review of Football Manager 2018 provides a more thorough breakdown and synopsis of the main ideas. The new features are the main focus of this review of Football Manager 2024.

Football Manager 2024: Innovative Playstyles

You can load a save file from the game from the previous year for the first time. This feature is a significant advantage for fans of Football Manager 2023 who enjoy replaying games long after their release. If you don’t want to part with your group of carefully chosen young players, this is a fantastic alternative.

There are several ways to load squads into your save using the other brand-new, very useful pre-game feature. In the past, even if some players weren’t truly on the team at the beginning of the season, a fresh save used the most recent real-world squads that Football Manager had in its database. Apart from the default option, there is now a Real World feature that allows the athletes in-game to join your team only on the day they actually join, and they can begin the season with their original clubs. As an alternative, you can pick your world and decide on a commencement date. Only players who were on the club at that particular moment will show up on your roster in this mode.

This is a far more versatile way to launch Football Manager and addresses a few issues that downloadable rosters have helped the community resolve over the years. It doesn’t, however, address every problem. The developer, Sports Interactive, updates only the rosters upon release and following the winter transfer window. However, these new additions provide valuable upgrades that enable you to guide a team in your desired direction, rather than being limited by the summer transfer decisions made by your team.

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Enhancements on-Pitch Bring Out the Individuality of the Player
The match engine is the main topic of discussion because it gets better with every Football Manager release—that is, most of the time—in terms of graphics, animations, and simulation accuracy. Although fidelity isn’t the main goal of the series, the graphics stay basic, but the player models have a more realistic appearance. Better lighting is also present.

This year, player expression and personality on the pitch are the main topics of discussion. Small animations that add visual variety as matches progress are more prevalent. In essence, the players’ off-ball movement is more intelligent, and the animations are more lifelike. The athletes in the game felt true to their attribute ratings during testing and, therefore, to their counterparts in real life. For instance, I saw that my own digital Raheem Sterling made decisions and moves that were strikingly similar to Sterling’s.

The players appear more adept at moving forward, changing positions, and playing in accordance with their individual styles, as promised. Additionally, a new inverted fullback role has emerged, which reflects current tactical trends in which fullbacks frequently come inside and play a significant role in the attacking setup. Nevertheless, Football Manager 2024’s matches function largely in the same way as those in earlier series. The primary distinction? The AI is making fewer stupid plays than it did in previous releases.

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Manage the Club in Your Own Way: Objectives, Middlemen, Pieces, and More
The coaching staff, transfers, and club management are the main topics of the other new features. There hasn’t been a significant overhaul in terms of transfers, but the enhanced coaching, new opponent AI, and novel player sales approach strengthen the already strong offers.

Improved transfer decision-making for clubs managed by the CPU is a feature that the developer, Sports Interactive, touts, though it’s difficult to judge before playing this edition for several months. The team argues that AI managers will take the team’s play style into account and more accurately identify squad imbalances than simply adding big names. Anecdotally, I’ve observed competitors make wise acquisitions.

In a similar vein, AI managers are more likely to include young players in their rosters, provided they exhibit great promise. In actuality, they will frequently insert young football players into games. Clubs managed by computers used to have a tendency to bench them.

A further strategy for player development, or getting your waning stars to perform better, is to assign performance goals to individual athletes. You could, for instance, promise them increased playing time if they reach a particular goal or assist total. Additionally, these targets can serve as a means to remove players from the team through intimidation tactics. While I rarely set goals for young players, I did use them to push top players who weren’t registering high match ratings to perform better. Be aware that they don’t always welcome that kind of helpful criticism.

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This year’s version makes it easier to sell talent if you have a falling out with a player over such conversations, or if you just need to get rid of some deadwood or turn a profit from a star. It was simple to make large sums of money from players in Football Manager’s distant past, even if they didn’t have particularly high stock. The players’ listed market value in the previous iterations never corresponded with what teams would offer if you listed them for sale, unless you were selling a real gem.Not only that, but listing players for sale continuously required a lot more manual labour. Although asking them to join a different club was helpful, there wasn’t much that could be done to facilitate the player’s departure. I now use the new intermediary feature to make the move if I don’t receive any bites on a player who is for sale.

The intermediary feature works by hiring a third-party broker to actively seek out and develop player interest in order to draw bids; however, it is not a guaranteed sale. If you’re having problems selling, it’s worth it because they’ll take a tiny percentage of the sale price. Additionally, you can ask agents to help spark interest. This is a good compromise between selling a player too easily and too hard.

At last, a set-piece coach and a set-piece coaching attribute are available. This addition feels like a logical progression, and I’m almost surprised it wasn’t included in the game sooner. It is logical. Although coaching cornerback drills and free kicks has always been a part of the real game, clubs are really focusing more on this specialised knowledge in the current era of sports data and analytics. A redesigned set-piece routine creator with more intricate details is available in addition to hiring coaches.

With more efficiency from dead ball routines, specialist coaches can give teams an extra goal or two throughout the season, adding up to real points for the team. Although it’s a small feature, the accurate and well-thought-out addition enhances the realism of the simulation.

Persistent pain areas

Although this series has a lot of potential, some of its enduring drawbacks reappear. It’s understandable if what I’ve said seems a little overwhelming to inexperienced players; there is a lot to take in. It really helps if you have someone guide you through the game from the beginning, but not everyone can do that. Although the tutorials do a respectable job, there are still a lot of menus and options to navigate. It’s not always easy to figure out where to find various managerial functions, let alone where they are located in the menus. It’s also not the result of a subpar UI. It’s actually pretty good. It’s simply voluminous.

The absence of licencing for the appropriate team, league, and logo names, among other things, is another important issue. It’s simply not a lack of effort or desire, but these deals are not only costly but also intricate and linked to other franchises, making them a massive task that demands money and scale above all else. While it’s very hit-or-miss, some of these do appear in the game on individual agreements. While playing without player photos and club badges is still enjoyable, the missing licences are not a deal-breaker. Thankfully, the community has long since responded by providing downloadable packs that address these problems.

Can Football Manager 2024 be played on your PC?

Football Manager isn’t the most graphically demanding Steam game, even with the updated models and lighting. To run the relatively basic in-game graphics, you do not need a discrete or particularly powerful GPU; however, with lower-end cards, the game appears grainy and lacks detail. Although a better GPU is helpful, a high-end gaming setup is not required (the AMD Radeon HD 3650, Intel GMA X4500, or Nvidia GeForce 9600M GT is the minimum GPU requirement).

Your experience with Football Manager is largely dependent on your computer’s capacity, as the simulation processes a large amount of data and replicates an entire game world. The game needs a minimum of an AMD Athlon or an Intel Core 2 CPU, but if your PC only meets those minimums, you’ll have to wait longer for the simulation to start. More RAM significantly improves performance, even though 4GB is the minimum requirement. Additionally, matches will go more smoothly.

On a PC, Windows 10 or 11 is necessary. There are other platforms where you can play the game, but as you progress through the power tiers, they start to differ more and more from the PC version. These are Football Manager 2024 Touch (Apple Arcade, Nintendo Switch), Football Manager 2024 Mobile (Android, iOS, and Netflix), and Football Manager 2024 Console (available on PlayStation 5, Xbox, and Game Pass).

The Bearer of Standards for Simulations

Even though Football Manager 2024 has a tonne of new features, the match engine enhancements and the ability to load save files from previous games are major bonuses that enhance gameplay. All things considered, this year’s entry is the most feature-rich and complete Football Manager yet, making it a clear winner of our Editors’ Choice award for best simulation game. Football Manager 2024 is the best in the series, especially if you’re a few editions behind or just want to see what all the fuss is about.

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