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Review game GYLT,

Horror video video games have allowed gamers to expertise the extra delicate intricacies of their internal turmoil. Silent Hill 2, for instance, was a superb character story through which a assassin is portrayed as a sophisticated individual as a substitute of your standard good or dangerous man. The style itself has been used to inform tales you would not discover in standard media by means of subtlety and symbolism. With that mentioned, GYLT delivers its message with the subtlety of a freight practice crashing right into a wall.

Review Game GYLT - A Not-so-Delicate Anti-Bullying Marketing campaign

Review Game GYLT – A Not-so-Delicate Anti-Bullying Marketing campaign

I will not mince phrases for the introduction right here. I am not too keen on how the message is delivered within the recreation. Nonetheless, I nonetheless was intrigued about how issues have been going to go regardless of how early the sport delivered its twist. In spite of everything, even with a loud message as this, we may nonetheless get an excellent message about bullying and a portrayal that leads gamers to look their internal demons.


GYLT: July 6th, 2023

Platform: PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5

Publisher: Tequila Works

Developer: Tequila Works

Earlier than we begin the evaluation of GYLT, I ought to level out that I’m a sufferer of bullying myself. I’m properly over what occurred again then, however the experiences impacted me. GYLT focuses on the consequences of bullying from the sufferer’s perspective. In some points, the sport does its job fantastically. In others, it feels slightly bit tone-deaf and downright pretentious. So, with none additional ado, let’s discuss what makes GYLT good and dangerous.


GYLT begins off with the protagonist Sally Kauffman, a young person who’s desperately searching for her cousin Emily. Emily has been lacking for fairly a very long time, and the city basically gave up in its search. As time goes on, the one one displaying any semblance of curiosity to find Emily finally ends up being Sally. Sadly, Sally finally ends up being chased by some bullies right into a cable automobile which units off a journey into the paranormal as her city utterly modifications and is crammed with monsters.

Now, the monsters themselves will not be very delicate representations of bullies. A number of them present aggressive attitudes, do not hesitate to gang up on Sally, and, most of the time, taunt her by saying stuff like, “You assume you are invisible?” This, coupled with the environment crammed with whispers and extra blatant demonstrations that Sally shouldn’t be welcome on this warped model of the city. Nonetheless, she nonetheless ventures on as Emily is there, and she or he should chase her by means of a number of areas of the city.

The sport does fairly properly in its illustration. Nonetheless, very like the enemies, it does not go away a lot open for interpretation. Granted, I do not know if a delicate message about bullying can be delivered properly on this present day and age, with edgy folks attempting to justify their very own traumatic experiences by saying, “It builds character.” I nonetheless really feel we may have a bit extra of a delicate method to how the sufferer takes the abuse.

Sadly, you may determine the apparent twist due to the unsubtle method the sport presents itself. I nonetheless will not spoil it to do proper by Tequila’s design, however I used to be rolling my eyes the second I found out who Sally actually was and what the journey was about. When a recreation like GYLT is that this blatant with its messaging and character moments (particularly since Sally can’t hold her mouth shut and continually talks concerning the present flip of occasions), the sport can find yourself being much less concerning the horrifying issues that brought on by bullying and extra a preachy message that thinks the viewers shouldn’t be clever sufficient to know it.


Gamers can positively see the Stephen King inspiration in GYLT: the mining city, the best way you kill enemies by flashing your gentle on them like in Alan Wake, and the give attention to the consequences of the bullying slightly than on why it is brought on. I see that the builders had enjoyable with what they have and I feel they did fairly properly by having sufficient references that will not be that noticeable to the typical Joe.

Fortunately, this recreation can also be enjoyable to play. Now that it does not have the innate delay introduced by Google Stadia (GYLT initially launched there in late 2019), taking part in the sport is way more bearable. GYLT is a semi-open exploration recreation through which gamers need to search for clues all through the world and in addition scavenge for assets like well being and battery refills. Very like in Alan Wake, fight entails having to shine a flashlight on enemies to make them dissipate.

The enemy selection is first rate. A minimum of you will have extra than simply your standard creatures and need to take care of invisible enemies, boss enemies that require you to sneak round them, and different threats. Each enemy has an apparent counter, however you possibly can simply struggle it off along with your flashlight or hearth extinguisher. It makes me unhappy that the sport did not have a lot selection past these two fight choices, however eh, I assume I wanted for an excessive amount of.

Sally may also have to resolve a wide range of puzzles that will not make you rack your neurons. They’re fairly simple to resolve as long as you take note of the atmosphere. The true meat and potatoes of this open world are the collectibles which there are many. From notes that designate the origin of this twisted world to harmless souls that must be freed, to chicken statuettes that in a roundabout way relate to Emily, you may be exploring the city to search out these collectibles to attain the very best ending of the sport.

Whereas that sounds neat, my journey ended up changing into a clean-up session in a while through which I needed to traverse a number of of the areas I already explored simply to get the gadgets I must get the very best ending. Even then, the ending actually is not value going out of your method getting as a result of it seems like a copout through which everyone survives and lives fortunately ever after. So, in my trustworthy opinion, gamers ought to simply stick to 1 run the place they gather no matter they see after which do one other run to collect each leftover pickup to get each merchandise and examine each nook and cranny.

GYLT is a recreation that I’d suggest if gamers crave a brand new horror title. It actually is not going to interrupt any grounds like Amnesia: The Bunker or the current Resident Evil 4 and Lifeless Area remake did. However on the very least, it is a pleasing expertise for gamers seeking to play a recreation with a pleasant message about how victims of bullying will be affected.

The sport continues to be sufficiently subtle with different components of itself to at the least warrant an intensive playthrough. In spite of everything, the participant has to find the origins of this mysterious world and the entities inside it, and the one method to discover out is thru a number of playthroughs. General, this expertise is first rate, and I am totally glad with what I’ve acquired.

Reviewed on PC (code offered by the writer).

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