House Flipper 2

House Flipper 2

Get your paint rollers ready—this sequel to the renovation sim is a worthy improvement.

Get your paint rollers ready—this sequel to the renovation sim is a worthy improvement.

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Review game House Flipper 2, Get your paint rollers ready—this sequel to the renovation sim is a worthy improvement.

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Why do so many people enjoy playing simulation games that involve manual labor? However, I couldn’t care less about the extensive psychological research on creating the illusion of productivity in building, farming, and power washing. All I know is that I will have dishonored my ancestors’ reputation if I can’t ensure that this garage addition has flawless ebony paneling. House Flipper 2, which builds on the popularity of the first cult game with a fresh look and some obvious gameplay enhancements, has rekindled my long-dormant obsession with wallpaper and trash collection.

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House Flipper 2 is similar to the first game in that it has you renovating houses, which includes demolition, cleaning, and furniture selection. You can grant the wishes of the characters, and you can purchase, renovate, and resell homes for a profit. For fans of a slice-of-life sim like this, the few changes made to House Flipper’s core gameplay are a quality-of-life addition here and an additional mode like Sandbox there. You don’t want to pick up a sequel and find yourself in a foreign place if you’ve spent hours honing your tiling methods or real estate profit strategies. In the same way that you wouldn’t want to purchase the newest Sims game only to discover that you have to finish a sudoku puzzle instead of getting them to woohoo and that you have to pay their taxes right away,.

With that, the campaign has returned. This time, it features a similar story mode that makes navigating the many tools and tasks easy. For the seasoned foreman, it’s a useful recap, and for the younger ones, it’s an excellent education. Tasks arrive via email and encompass a range of projects, such as renovating a flood-damaged designer home or transforming a dilapidated cabin into a movie set with a chilling atmosphere. Not that the plot of Alan Wake 2 is that intricate, but there’s only so much literary trickery one can handle on a weekend. It’s more about providing a sense of progression to the calming repetition of clean, paint, fix, and furnish than it is about using the power of wardrobe placement to evoke some kind of emotional moment.

It’s up to you and your god if you want to just keep clicking “buy” and arranging items in the corner to finish a room.

With a radial menu of tools ranging from cleaning to demolition, as well as a store where you can purchase furniture, plants, and wallpaper, you can work your magic throughout the house, crossing off tasks as you go. The gentle master keeps track of what needs to be painted, what furniture goes in each room, and how many stains need to be scrubbed. It doesn’t mark you on your feng shui or anything like that, but it might tell you how many chairs and lamps a room needs and what kind. It’s up to you and your god if you want to just keep clicking “buy” and arranging items in the corner to finish a room.

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The same is true for painting and wallpapering; you must apply a specific amount to a given wall, but if you get careless and accidentally paint the wrong spot with a paint roller, feel free to start whistling merrily and gently back away. As you apply each skill, you receive benefits like a small pat on the back. These may seem insignificant, like having more paint on a roller or cleaning more quickly, but you’ll be glad you earned them when you’re renovating a run-down villa. You can go on to the next story quest after finishing a task with just one star if you’re attempting to speed through the level. House Flipper 2 only penalizes you in terms of payout, just like the original, so you won’t have to worry about getting calls in-game from sentimental old granny wondering why you sold her toilet and then downed tools.

You shouldn’t be concerned about receiving calls in-game from sentimental elderly ladies wondering why you sold her toilet and then abandoned the project.

Through the story quests, I did not understand the purpose of one of the radial menu’s tools, and I haven’t needed it in any of the fixer-uppers I’ve purchased at auction. The wiring tool, used to connect outlets and appliances throughout the house, confuses me as I am unable to identify it. I have worked on and sold homes to families that are either electrical death traps or designed for more serious builders who live in sandbox mode. (Or possibly both.) And people believe that there are no adrenaline rushes in this kind of game!

The new visual style in House Flipper 2 is a small but effective improvement over the simplistic, “Haven’t I seen that exact same chair in 12 other indie games?” aesthetic of previous games. One of the oddest things about these simulation games is that, whether you’re remodeling a train station or cleaning out old barns, a lot of the objects start to look familiar. It stems from the fact that developers can purchase pre-made game items from other businesses, but House Flipper 2 offers a furniture store inside the game that is filled with unique pieces and décor that give the whole thing a more modern feel.

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The addition of House Flipper 2’s sandbox mode, which offers the opportunity to start a house from scratch rather than cleaning up after a group of reprobates and then following their dubious design choices, is the biggest change that increases the house price per unit, though. Although it’s a nice addition, I discovered after using it for a while that I preferred playing around with the existing floor plans rather than having to figure out entire ones. But I’m looking forward to leaving it alone and idly admiring the Palace of Versailles as reconstructed in House Flipper 2 by a 47-year-old Iowan woman; the community is going to build some crazy stuff with it.

The sandbox mode will allow the community to create some really wild things.

I should also point out that House Flipper 2’s new Assembly Mode reinstates a feature that was previously absent from the main game. In House Flipper: Origins (or whatever the first one is currently called), installing a shower or sink involved a slowly animated process of screwing and unscrewing various components; now, you can simply place those items in a room without needing a screwdriver. Though I can see how a building purist would feel let down, I won’t miss having to deal with plumbing systems for urinals unless I really want to. If I ever get around to it, the tedious procedure is still accessible; it’s just hidden in this mode, where you can install raw plugs and earn discounts from the store.

In my opinion, House Flipper 2 flawlessly captures the flow state that makes these kinds of simulation games such a comprehensive way to pass the time while playing. The stakes are so low that worms tease them about their height, the dopamine hits come in little waves, and failure would require extreme effort. You may choose to become extremely enraged over a guy trying to underbid you on your most recent flip project at an auction, but that is a problem that belongs to you and your therapist and is not something that House Flipper 2 attempts to force upon you.

I’m working my way through the properties I can flip at auction after finishing the story quests in about ten hours (you can finish them faster if you’re not obsessed with placing mugs on shelves in exact order). With plenty of houses to cover in pink shag rugs and yellow zebra wallpaper, this will be a regular game on my rotation whenever I need a break from killing aggressive alien life or attempting to have sex with bears. It’s not the most thrilling game available, but then again, not all of them have to be.


House Flipper 2 builds, cleans, and paints its way to a valuable iterative upgrade on the renovation sim, retaining the elements that made the original House Flipper strangely addictive. A few aesthetic changes give it a personality that the original never quite managed, and the sandbox mode allows builders to really play with their tools and get creative with paint choices.

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