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In several ways, Return to Grace evokes the past. It’s a throwback to the sci-fi utopia of the 1960s, but it’s also a walking simulator that seems like it might have been released during the height of that genre’s popularity.

Let’s analyse each of those factors separately because it’s important to discuss how they both affect this situation.

The fact that Return to Grace is a walking simulator comes first. It’s been a while since I played a game like this where exploration is really the only thing required of the player other than to go forward along a pretty obvious path. The game will occasionally make you do a bit more work, such as gently cross a beam or use a flamethrower to melt some ice, but these instances are rare and you almost never run the risk of failing. There are puzzles as well, although they are the simplest problems imaginable. If you can’t figure them out on your own, your AI buddies will explain how to proceed.

As a result, I understand why some people would not enjoy Return to Grace, or, at the very least, why they might prefer to watch a replay on YouTube instead of purchasing the game themselves. There isn’t much action or agency offered here if you’re the type to prefer it.

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Of course, requiring those things would kind of miss Return to Grace’s purpose. Your experience may differ on this front as well. It is primarily designed to tell a brief story about a lady who is seeking to learn what happened to an all-powerful AI (the eponymous Grace) who ruled the cosmos. You’re exploring an abandoned space station with several AI companions who each reflect different sides of Grace’s personality. I don’t want to give too much away because this is a pretty short game, and the plot is the entire idea. Since the entire game is a back-and-forth conversation between the game’s protagonist and the many AI voices, if you don’t like those companions, you probably won’t like the game.


I liked it myself for two reasons. I was prepared for Return to Grace to become yet another Portal clone with a malevolent AI wanting to kill you because there is a moment very early on where it seems like one of those AI voices is going to turn out to be wicked. Without revealing too much, this is not the story being told.

Second, and maybe more crucially, Return to Grace’s characters are believable because of the voice acting, which is generally good. Each of the different companions has a distinctive personality and voice, making it easy to distinguish them and pique your interest in what they will say next. Return to Grace, like many other pure walking simulators, depends on its screenplay, and like the finest in the field, it has a respectable one.

It’s also a decent game for anyone who misses the times when titles like What Remains of Edith Finch and Firewatch were consistently included on best-of lists. Return to Grace is arguably a little too late to receive the same level of ubiquity in praise and fame, but if there were any justice, it would, and rightfully so.

We received a Return to Grace PC review code from Creative Bytes Studios.

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