Skull and Bones  in Progress – Open Beta Impressions

Skull and Bones in Progress – Open Beta Impressions

After 30 hours with Ubisoft’s oceanic RPG, it’s managed to get its prosthetic hooks in me.

After 30 hours with Ubisoft’s oceanic RPG, it’s managed to get its prosthetic hooks in me.

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Review gameSkull and Bones in Progress – Open Beta Impressions , After 30 hours with Ubisoft’s oceanic RPG, it’s managed to get its prosthetic hooks in me.

Skull and Bones, a highly anticipated naval warfare game developed by Ubisoft Singapore, is currently in its open beta phase. As players eagerly dive into this immersive world of pirates, ships, and plunder, it’s essential to evaluate the game’s progress and provide valuable insights on what to expect. This article aims to provide an in-depth review of the open beta, highlighting its gameplay mechanics, graphics, overall experience, and potential areas for improvement.

Gameplay Mechanics:

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Skull and Bones boasts a robust and complex gameplay mechanic centered around naval combat. Players assume the role of a pirate captain, forging their path through the treacherous seas. Controlling a customizable ship, they engage in intense battles, plunder merchant vessels, and compete against other players in PvP mode. The open beta provided a glimpse of these mechanics, allowing players to experience the game’s core elements. From ship upgrades to strategic positioning, Skull and Bones offers a satisfying balance between action and tactics. The controls, although initially slightly overwhelming, become more intuitive with practice, providing an enjoyable experience overall.

Graphics and Immersion:

One standout feature in Skull and Bones is its stunning visuals that immerse players in a vibrant pirate world. The open beta showcased breathtaking ocean environments, detailed ship designs, and dynamic weather systems. The attention to detail is noteworthy, as the spray of ocean waves and the creaking of hulls create an authentic atmosphere. Players can witness their ship weathering the storm or casting long shadows as they sail into the setting sun. However, some minor graphical glitches were noticeable during the open beta, which we hope the developers will address before the game’s official release.

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Progression System:

Skull and Bones offers an extensive progression system, allowing players to unlock new ships, weapons, and cosmetic upgrades as they level up and accumulate wealth. The open beta introduced a variety of ship classes, each with its own strengths and weaknesses, encouraging players to find their preferred playstyle. Furthermore, the game incorporates a skill tree system that enables customization and strategic decision-making, enhancing the sense of progression and personalization. While the open beta only scratched the surface of this system, it hinted at the potential for a deep and rewarding progression experience in the full game.

Multiplayer and Online Interaction:

Another aspect that sets Skull and Bones apart is its focus on online interaction. Players can team up with friends to form pirate crews and embark on cooperative missions, tackling challenging encounters together. The open beta showcased the thrill of facing off against other players in online PvP mode, where strategies and teamwork are vital for victory. However, occasional connectivity issues and matchmaking imbalances were observed during the open beta, which disrupted the overall multiplayer experience. Addressing these problems should be a priority for the developers to ensure smoother gameplay in the future.

Potential Areas for Improvement:

While Skull and Bones has the potential to be an exceptional game, certain areas need improvement. The open beta revealed a steep learning curve, which could be discouraging for newcomers, necessitating comprehensive tutorials or an enhanced onboarding process. Additionally, a wider variety of missions and activities would help maintain long-term engagement, preventing potential repetitive gameplay. Finally, optimizing server stability and reducing connectivity issues are critical to providing a seamless multiplayer experience and ensuring player satisfaction.


Based on the open beta impressions, Skull and Bones showcases a promising foundation for an immersive, naval warfare experience. With its captivating graphics, engaging gameplay mechanics, and extensive progression system, the game offers players an authentic pirate adventure. However, certain areas, such as the learning curve and online connectivity, need refinement to elevate the overall experience. Ubisoft Singapore has an excellent opportunity to address these issues and deliver a polished, captivating game with the potential for long-lasting appeal.

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