The Daring Quest to Obliterate ‘Everything Killable’ in Skyrim Results in a Staggering 267,000 Bounty and 5,000 NPC Fatalities


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The world of Skyrim has long been renowned for its vast landscapes, immersive gameplay, and endless possibilities. In this epic open-world role-playing game developed by Bethesda Game Studios, players embark on countless quests, battle fearsome creatures, and engage with a plethora of non-playable characters (NPCs). However, there are always those intrepid players who push the boundaries of the game, seeking new challenges and unconventional adventures. In an astonishing display of audacity, one Skyrim player recently embarked on a quest to eradicate every “killable” NPC in the game, ultimately amassing a staggering 267,000 bounty and leaving a trail of 5,000 lifeless bodies in their wake.

The Quest Begins

Our daring protagonist, armed with an unwavering determination to conquer every obstacle Skyrim had to offer, set forth on a perilous journey to eliminate every “killable” character. Armed to the teeth with a deadly arsenal of weapons and sorcery, their mission was not for the faint of heart. Oblivious to the consequences that awaited them, they embarked on their genocidal rampage, leaving no stone unturned and no throat unslit.

The Bloody Trail

With steel nerves and unwavering focus, our player committed mass murder on a scale previously unseen in the annals of gaming. Roaming the vast lands of Skyrim, they traversed towns, villages, and remote wilderness, leaving devastation in their wake. From the innocent blacksmiths in Whiterun to the unsuspecting mages of Winterhold, no NPC was safe from their merciless onslaught. In their wake, the lifeless bodies of 5,000 NPCs bore witness to their ruthless determination to complete this unthinkable task.

Consequences Unleashed

As the lifeless bodies piled up and the townsfolk trembled in fear, the criminal justice system of Skyrim began responding to this unprecedented rampage. Bounty hunters were dispatched, seeking to bring our protagonist to justice and restore order to the realm. The player’s actions did not go unnoticed or unpunished, as a staggering bounty of 267,000 gold was placed on their head.

A Growing Infamy

News of this relentless quest spread like wildfire throughout Skyrim. The player became an infamous figure, feared by all who heard their name whispered in taverns and marketplaces. The desperate plea for protection and justice from the surviving NPCs fell on deaf ears, as most citizens cowered and avoided confrontation, knowing it could lead to their untimely demise.

Facing the Challenge

As the bounty on our protagonist’s head grew, so too did the strength and skill of their adversaries. Bounty hunters, mercenaries, and even fellow adventurers began to confront them, seeking the substantial reward offered for their capture. Our player had to hone their combat abilities, utilizing every skill, spell, and weapon at their disposal to fend off these relentless assailants.

The Moral Dilemma

The quest to kill every “killable” NPC in Skyrim raises ethical questions surrounding player agency and the boundaries of virtual worlds. While Skyrim allows players a remarkable degree of freedom, there are those who argue that such actions expose a darker side of gaming, where players can indulge in senseless violence without consequences. However, it is essential to note that Skyrim, as with many games, offers multiple playstyles and encourages players to shape their own narrative. Ultimately, it is up to the individual player to choose their path, either as a hero who saves lives or as a villain who takes them.


In the virtual world of Skyrim, one player’s quest to eradicate every “killable” NPC stands as a testament to the limitless potential and freedom that gaming provides. While their actions may be controversial, they serve as a reminder that games like Skyrim are not just escapist fantasies but also complex narratives that provoke meaningful discussions. Whether one condemns or admires their audacious endeavor, it cannot be denied that this player has left an indelible mark on the world of gaming, challenging conventional boundaries and showcasing the power of choice within virtual realms.