Inside the World of Reaction Content: Unveiling the Controversies Surrounding xQc


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People have accused xQc, a well-known Twitch and Kick streamer, of “stealing content” because he likes to watch YouTube videos without commenting on them or adding anything to them. This has led to a lot of complaints and criticism from viewers.

Popular streamers like xQc, SSSniperwolf, and Jacksfilms have been criticized by other content creators for making money by showing the same videos over and over again without adding their own unique perspectives or analysis.

The ongoing discussion about reactive content shows how unclear some parts of fair use laws are and how much clearer rules are needed to protect original creators while allowing new and interesting content to be made.


A popular Twitch and Kick streamer named xQc is getting criticism for his recent streams in which he talked to his chat while watching YouTube videos. This isn’t the first time the Canadian streamer has done something controversial, and it’s likely not the last. But because xQc is one of the most popular streamers in the world, everything he does and says is closely watched.

Some people say that because these Twitch and Kick streamers have so many fans, they have a responsibility to act in an ethical way. This is because they have a lot of power over their large followings, both during live streams and on social media sites like Twitter.

Other YouTubers like to talk about xQc.

Streamers and video makers have been talking about the issue for a long time, but it has become more important now that xQc has so many followers. Recently, there was also a fight between Jacksfilms and SSSniperwolf. Jacksfilms said that SSSniperwolf was making money off of content that already existed without adding much to it. SSSniperwolf used to make videos about games, but now she makes compilations of TikTok videos and talks about them.

Even though xQc’s problems don’t have as much to do with TikTok videos, he gets the same kind of criticism. On July 24, xQc posted a video called “The Kennedy Assassination | xQc Reacts to LeMMiNO” on his YouTube channel. In it, he showed the whole John F. Kennedy shooting video by another creator. This made YouTubers like Bub Games feel uncomfortable because they thought xQc was making money off of someone else’s content without adding anything useful. On July 28, Bub Games tweeted, “LeMMiNO spends months researching, writing, and editing a video, only for reaction streamers to reupload it in its entirety without adding anything.”


DarkViperAU, an Australian Twitch streamer, kept criticizing xQc on Twitter. He said he didn’t like it in a long series of tweets in which he accused xQc of “stealing content” by showing the video on his stream and then using it for his YouTube channel. DarkViperAU’s argument was based on the idea that the original video might get less interaction and that the person who reuploads it gets all of the limited views for themselves.

React Content is a Problem That Keeps Coming Up

The Twitch and Kick streamer who does both full-time and part-time said, “I’m going to show my audience a that I like. So, that’s it.” He also said that people can claim his YouTube videos and split the money made from them, which “happens a lot.” Other content creators argue for a feature that would let them get all of the money made from a YouTube video. Right now, only music companies can do this.

In a later livestream, xQc made things worse by leaving a Neo Explains video playing on YouTube while he briefly left the room. He came back after about ten minutes, which disappointed Neo Explains because he thought that xQc was making fun of his video by not responding to it. xQc then said some sarcastic things about the video, implying that he needed to look closely at the materials used to build the city’s buildings before he could give a good answer.

It’s important to note that this is not the first time xQc has done something like this. He has streamed MasterChef, The Dark Knight, and Breaking Bad before. In 2022, Pokimane was banned from streaming Avatar: The Last Airbender, but xQc didn’t get any DMCA strikes or penalties from Twitch for what he did. It should be said that the Kick staff went to xQc’s page and asked him to stop streaming The Dark Knight because it was against their rules.


But some people think that if a popular streamer shares a video with their audience, it can help the person who made the video get more attention. Others, though, say that some creators would actually rather have the views on their original video.

People can react to the content on some YouTube channels, like Daily Dose Of Internet and Jubilee, as long as they add their own commentary and have permission. Unfortunately, not all streamers take the time to add insightful comments, give credit to the original creators, or ask permission to use the footage.

The Debate About What Content Is Transformative

The debate about streaming this kind of content draws attention to a big problem that, unfortunately, involves a lot of legal gray areas. Ludwig, a well-known YouTuber, talked about this issue in a video on his Mogul Mail channel. He explained the difference between real reaction content and stealing content and passing it off as a reaction video.

For some people, there shouldn’t be anything to worry about as long as the person watching the content has unique reactions and comments. For example, “Real Lawyer Reacts to Suits” videos on YouTube are usually accepted because the lawyer has a unique point of view to share.

Fair use laws in the US let people decide for themselves if a video is changed. One important part of these laws is that you have to think about “the amount and size of the part used in relation to the whole copyrighted work.” So, people who show an entire show or YouTube video may be breaking fair use laws, while people who use clips may not be.

Figuring out what kind of work is transformative has always been hard. As video platforms like Kick and Twitch change, there are likely to be more fights between creators and the content they watch. There are still a lot of debates going on, so it’s possible that YouTube and other companies will try to make the rules clearer and give creators of original content more options going forward.