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The Among Us game went viral, now played by 60 million people.

The Among Us game went viral, now played by 60 million people.

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Review game Among Us, The Among Us game went viral, now played by 60 million people.

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The Among Us recreation debuted in 2018, however is simply now receiving widespread acclaim. Greater than 60 million individuals play it day by day because it grew to become in style Among streamers and bloggers on Twitch and YouTube.

Among Us launched over two years in the past, however the jellybean/astronaut on-line recreation is at the moment seeing an enormous surge in reputation that started in early September. The world could have began out quarantine by enjoying Animal Crossing: New Horizons, a healthful recreation about friendship and taking good care of our islands, however after many months of pandemic life, we’re hungry for the void of house stuffed with chaos and deceit. That’s what Among Us is all about.

crewmates Among US VR

Developed by InnerSloth, the muse of Among Us is easy: a social deduction recreation the place a participant is both a crewmate or the lone imposter. The imposter should faux to do the assigned every day duties within the recreation whereas stealthily killing off every crewmate one after the other. If a physique is found, a crewmate can name an Emergency Assembly to have a bunch chat attempting to determine who the imposter actually is.

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The principle stage (of three) is aboard a spacecraft the place gamers see sectioned rooms the place every day duties are. Utilizing primary vertical and horizontal actions, the imposter and crewmates transfer from room to room to perform their respective targets with out giving another gamers trigger to vote them out. Every Emergency Assembly discusses who’s suspicious and who is just not, and the participant that has probably the most votes in opposition to them is successfully will get the boot. Gamers which can be killed then change into “ghosts” to see how the remainder of the match performs out.


One crewmate suspects me, “purple,” and hurls out probably the most offensive accusation ever seen in-game: “Purple is sus” (a well-liked slang model of “suspicious” that’s the root of all Among Us memes). I panic, however then attempt to see myself via their eyes. “I am sorry, I used to be simply following you guys,” I reply. “That is my first time enjoying, I am probably not positive what I am doing.” My response lands the way in which I would like it to, the remainder of the gamers now really feel the necessity to train me as an alternative of suspect me. Little do they know it is the very last thing they may ever do – a minimum of till this match is over.

That is the extent of intrigue that makes Among Us so enjoyable regardless of having primary visuals. One other appeal is that it additionally has meme-quality options as seen in its comedic artwork type and low-budget animations. Associates flip in opposition to each other, bonds are damaged, and the chat is completely comedic.

The Among Us Recreation: What’s It All About?

Two years after its launch, InnerSloth’s multiplayer motion recreation Among Us grew to become a smash hit. It has remained within the high 5 best-selling Steam titles for a lot of weeks, and its concurrent person base has simply topped 1.5 million throughout all platforms. Among Us is on the market on Google Play for Android customers to obtain and play (all obtain hyperlinks at web site “Get web page”).

Merely put, Among Us is a little more troublesome and performed solely on-line model of the normal “Mafia” recreation. In “Mafia,” gamers work together with a metropolis filled with criminals, police, and common residents; on this recreation, they work together with a starship and a crew, a few of whom could also be pretenders. There could possibly be 4 to 10 gamers in a recreation, however not more than three dangerous guys.

All concerning the ship, yow will discover little jobs to finish. You’ll must do issues like use your finger to make connections within the electrical panel or choose up trash from the air ducts. The one catch is {that a} villain in disguise can be roaming the extent, and he needs to wipe everybody out. He can method a lone astronaut from behind, the place nobody will discover him, and kill him. Moreover, the impostor can plan sabotage and seek out the sufferer by hiding within the shadows across the nook or making their approach discretely via the air flow.


Ideas for Having Enjoyable With Us!

Many characters have various appearances, nevertheless the enemy may be recognized by way of their habits alone. The sport depends on the delicate stress between the 2 groups. For the astronauts to win, they need to both resolve the entire puzzles hidden all through the spacecraft or establish the impostors, whereas the latter should remove the complete crew of fine guys.

The place Can I Discover It to Play?

Among Us is on the market for no price on each iOS and Android. Builders monetize the sport via in-game purchases and adverts offered between bouts. There may be zero disruption from the promoting. The Steam retailer additionally sells the sport.

What’s New

  • Among us was launched on iOS and Android units and Home windows PC, that includes cross-platform play between these platforms. The sport was additionally ported for the Nintendo Change and has deliberate releases for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Collection X/S in 2021.
  • Among us for Xbox 360 and Among us for PS3 won’t be launched.
  • Customers can obtain Among us for Android or obtain Сhase Among us for iPhone (iOS). Among us recreation installers can be found on Google Play and Apple Shops.
  • Customers can set up Among us APK from the official website.
  • Among us recreation is free to obtain however have in-game purchases.
  • You may obtain Among us for PC on Steam (hyperlinks on the web page).


  • Extremely addictive gameplay;
  • Big room for manipulation and bluffing;
  • Nice visible type;
  • An abundance of settings;
  • Cross-play;
  • Low value on PC and no price ticket on smartphones;


  • Servers generally don’t work nicely;
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i love it

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Among Us is best

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The Among Us Recreation

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Fun twists and turns in Among Us

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Suspicion everywhere

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Mysterious gameplay in Among Us

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Intriguing strategy game

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Among Us: Deception at its finest.

Rolando Lv.11

Navigating trust in Among Us.

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Social deduction at its peak.

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Among Us: Friends or foes?

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Imposter or crewmate? Decide!

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Among Us: Mind games galore

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Surviving lies in Among Us.

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Crewmates unite against imposters!

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Among Us: Secrets and betrayals.

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Mastering the art of deception

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Unmask the traitor!

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Unpredictable outcomes

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Strategy meets chaos in Among Us

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Among Us: Suspenseful showdowns.

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Among Us: Testing your instincts!

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Among Us is a genius mix of strategy and deception, keeps me on my toes!

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The intense mind games in Among Us make every match an exciting challenge.

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Among Us lets me play detective and betrayal artist in one thrilling package.

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With friends or strangers, Among Us sparks hilarious arguments and laughter.

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The unpredictable nature of Among Us keeps me guessing and strategizing.

Greene Lv.11

Among Us fosters teamwork as you try to root out the impostors together.

Francis Lv.11

The simplicity of Among Us hides its depth; it's all about reading people.

Bridges Lv.11

From accusing friends to defending yourself, Among Us is an emotional rollercoaster.

Greene Lv.11

Among Us brings out the sleuth in me as I try to deduce who's lying.

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The suspense and tension in Among Us are unmatched, making every session thrilling.

Greene Lv.11

Among Us' minimalist visuals and simple mechanics make it accessible to everyone.

Wolfe Lv.11

With its short rounds, Among Us is perfect for quick bursts of gaming fun.

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Among Us is a social experiment where friendships are tested.

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The emergent narratives in Among Us create memorable moments to share.

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Among Us is like a virtual party game that brings people together.

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The deception and mind-bending in Among Us are next-level entertainment.

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Among Us sparks creativity as you craft convincing alibis or stories.

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Every player in Among Us has a role in the intriguing drama.

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Among Us is more than a game; it's an experience of strategy and psychology.

Bowers Lv.11

The mix of strategy and social interaction in Among Us is addictive.

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Among Us encourages communication and quick decision-making under pressure.

Fatima Lv.11

The art of lying and telling the truth has never been more fun than in Among Us.

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Among Us shows how well you can manipulate, deceive, or trust others.

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The suspenseful moments in Among Us are heart-pounding and exhilarating.

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Among Us turns friends into enemies and enemies into allies.

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The simple premise of Among Us leads to complex psychological battles.

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Among Us tests your skills at reading body language and detecting lies.

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Each match of Among Us is a unique story of alliances and betrayals.

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Among Us is a game where every player's actions matter and create narratives.

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The conversations and debates in Among Us reveal players' true colors.

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Among Us' unexpected twists make it a game I can't get enough of.

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Playing Among Us is like stepping into a mystery novel and becoming the detective.

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Among Us' charm lies in its unpredictability and constant surprises.

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Every session of Among Us is a lesson in human psychology and manipulation.

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Among Us captures the essence of suspicion and paranoia in an addictive way.

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In Among Us, friendship and loyalty can be sacrificed for survival.

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Among Us creates memorable stories that stay with you long after the game ends.

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The thrill of uncovering the truth or hiding your lies in Among Us is exhilarating.

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Among Us breaks down barriers as players strategize and work together.

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The intrigue and strategy in Among Us keep me coming back for more deceitful fun.

Boyd Lv.11

Among Us brings out my inner detective and liar.

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Deception and trust make Among Us addictive.

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Among Us creates epic tales of betrayal.

Grahxonnt Lv.11

Strategic gameplay and mind-bending fun.

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Among Us challenges friendships in chaos.

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Impostors or crewmates, suspense never ends.

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Among Us sparks heated debates and laughter.

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Among Us thrives on strategy and social dynamics.

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Clever lies and unexpected twists in Among Us.

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Among Us turns friends into suspects.

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Among Us: Trust no one, find the impostor!

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Among Us' deception is a thrilling mind game.

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Among Us tests your deduction skills.

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Among Us' sabotage creates intense moments.

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In Among Us, paranoia is your ally.

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Among Us: Who's the real traitor?

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Among Us creates epic tales of betrayal.

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Among Us: Deceit is the ultimate weapon.

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Among Us: Lies and logic collide.

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Among Us: Suspense, deception, and tactics.

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Among Us: Friendship vs. suspicion.

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Among Us' suspenseful twists keep me engaged.

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Among Us: Who can you really trust?

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Among Us' unpredictability fuels my addiction.

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Among Us: Unmask the hidden betrayer.

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Among Us: Every player's a potential traitor.

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Among Us: Strategic betrayal at its finest.

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Among Us' camaraderie is constantly tested.

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Among Us: Lies weave an addictive tale.

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Among Us: Secrets and lies unravel.

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Among Us: A symphony of suspicion and strategy.

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