The Witcher 4: CD Projekt Expedites Development with Over Half of the Team Focused on the Next Installment


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In an exciting development for fans of The Witcher series, CD Projekt Red has revealed that nearly half of its team is now working on the highly anticipated sequel, The Witcher 4. As one of the most successful and beloved video game franchises of the past decade, the news has generated significant buzz among players across the globe. With the original trilogy receiving critical acclaim for its immersive storytelling, richly detailed open-world environments, and complex characters, the prospect of a new installment in the series has fans eagerly awaiting the next chapter of Geralt of Rivia’s epic journey.

Expanding the Team:

CD Projekt Red, known for their commitment to delivering high-quality gaming experiences, has made an ambitious move by significantly expanding its team to ensure a smooth and timely development process for The Witcher 4. With nearly half of the company’s employees dedicated to this project, the studio’s focus on expanding resources underscores their determination to create a product that lives up to the high standards set by the previous titles.

Building on Previous Success:

The Witcher series has garnered a devoted following since its debut in 2007, with each subsequent release further solidifying its reputation as a masterclass in open-world RPGs. The immersive storytelling, memorable characters, and attention to detail in world-building have set a high bar for CD Projekt Red to surpass. However, the studio has consistently risen to the occasion, delivering exceptional gaming experiences that have captivated players worldwide.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, released in 2015, was a landmark achievement for CD Projekt Red. It garnered countless accolades, including over 800 awards, making it one of the most celebrated video games of all time. The game’s success not only showcased the studio’s ability to create engrossing narratives but also demonstrated their commitment to ongoing support through the release of two expansions: Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine. The Witcher 3’s conclusion left fans hungry for more, and CD Projekt Red is poised to deliver just that with The Witcher 4.

Expanding the World:

With The Witcher 4, CD Projekt Red aims to build upon its previous successes, promising a larger and more detailed game world. The studio plans to introduce new locations, expanding the virtual realm that players can explore. This ambitious expansion will offer players new environments to immerse themselves in, further extending The Witcher’s trademark sense of place and intrigue.

Additionally, CD Projekt Red intends to deepen the player’s connection to Geralt of Rivia by exploring untold aspects of his gripping story. While the iconic protagonist will undoubtedly be at the center of The Witcher 4, the studio has also hinted at the possibility of introducing new playable characters. This expansion of perspectives has the potential to enrich the storytelling and provide players with a fresh experience in an already beloved universe.

Enhanced Gameplay Mechanics:

In addition to expanding the world and narrative, CD Projekt Red is working diligently to refine the gameplay mechanics in The Witcher 4. The studio has acknowledged the feedback from players and critics alike, aiming to address any previous shortcomings and polish various aspects of the game. By incorporating refinements and enhancements to combat systems, character progression, and gameplay flow, CD Projekt Red aims to deliver a gaming experience that exceeds even the lofty expectations set by its predecessors.

An Uncompromising Approach to Quality:

CD Projekt Red has gained a reputation for its commitment to excellence, as evidenced by their previous releases and the continued support they provide for each title. The studio’s emphasis on the quality of their games, coupled with their willingness to listen to player feedback, has solidified their position as one of the industry’s most respected developers.

With nearly half of their team dedicated to The Witcher 4, CD Projekt Red is ensuring that the game receives the attention and resources it deserves. This dedication to quality is not only a testament to the studio’s integrity but also a promise to their fans, assuring them that The Witcher 4 will meet and potentially exceed the high expectations set by its predecessors.


As CD Projekt Red devotes nearly half of its team to The Witcher 4, fans of the series can look forward to another epic adventure in the richly crafted world of Geralt of Rivia. With expanded resources, an enlarged game world, refined gameplay mechanics, and the studio’s commitment to delivering a high-quality experience, The Witcher 4 is poised to captivate and immerse players once again. As developments unfold, fans eagerly await further news on the next installment, confident that CD Projekt Red will deliver another masterpiece in The Witcher series.