How to View Esports Anywhere at Any Time


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With this extensive guide, you won’t miss a single exhilarating moment in the biggest, most lucrative, and most competitive games.


Jet packs and flying cars are not a thing in 2023, but esports—a childhood dream for many of us—have become a reality. Players all over the world are paid to play video games, and watching the competitive pro gamers battle for big bucks is a highly entertaining spectacle. Professional video gaming is one of the greatest sports events for overall spectacle and ridiculousness because it’s full of drama and memorable moments. And esports might be the best reality TV too, with all the faces, heels, hipsters, and trolls. Which are the best ways to enjoy this incredible show? We’ll clarify. Let’s define our terms first, though.

Anyhow, what are esports?
Esports is the term used to describe the competitive player arm of the video game industry. That phrase doesn’t describe a group of friends getting together on the weekends to play Madden NFL or FIFA with lots of smack talk over beers and pizza. Instead, by introducing tournament formats and monetary rewards, esports fan the flames of competition.

Players can purchase downloadable content or pay tournament entry fees, and big businesses can sponsor events to raise money. Sometimes both types of money are awarded as prizes. Whatever the funding source, players are drawn to the pots, where the most skilled and committed individuals excel and produce exciting, suspenseful matches. Certain scenes follow a regulatory body (the Electronic Sports League, or ESL) regarding drug testing. Professional teams exist as well, complete with training facilities.

Fortunately, there are plenty of esports-friendly games played at the local, regional, national, and international levels, making it easy to watch esports. This is how eSports are viewed.

1. Watch online sports
The easiest way to watch competitive video game play is without a doubt through streaming eSports on your tablet, smartphone, desktop, or laptop. All you need to watch live matches in bed, at work, on your commute, or on a cross-country flight is an internet connection and an app or browser.

This is how to view a stream: Simply direct your web browser to Twitch, YouTube, or any other platform that offers live streaming for video games. If you’re more of an app person, a lot of services offer complimentary Android and iOS clients.

Please be aware that not all of the streams available on these apps and websites are about esports; the majority of them just show individuals playing games and chatting with viewers. Luckily, slicing through the mud is not too difficult. Official game channels are where you should look because they have high-profile, high-pot matchups. There are frequently rerun matches available as well, allowing you to watch competitions after they first air.

2. Watch TV for sports.
Television esports is a relatively new phenomenon, at least in the US. StarCraft was given a lot of airtime in Asia years ago, but video games didn’t really take off in the United States until the Disney-owned ESPN 2 collaborated with Evolution Championship Series to broadcast the Street Fighter V Grand Finals alongside Twitch’s online streaming.

The Eleague Street Fighter V Invitational round-robin tournament, the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Premier, and the Injustice 2 World Championship were also successful shows on TBS. I hope that this pattern keeps up. If you don’t have cable, you can find other ways to watch the competition by visiting our list of the Best Live TV Streaming Services.

3. Attend live eSports events.
The “e” in “esports” could give you the impression that watching the competitions is limited to electronic devices, but that is untrue. Since LAN parties and real-world wagering took place in smoky, dank arcades, esports have always included a “analogue,” or real-world, element.

Arcades and LAN parties are a thing of the past, for better or worse. These days, attending community-run competitions like East Coast Throwdown or Chinatown Beatdown or large-scale, stadium-filling events like the recently acquired Evolution Championship Series are the two greatest ways to watch live esports. In fact, esports-specific venues, like Blizzard Arena and Eleague Esports Arena, have been opening up around the nation in recent years. A few conventional sports arenas, like Madison Square Garden and Barclays Centre in New York, also host esports competitions. The cost of literally supporting your favourite player or team alongside thousands of other ardent supporters is the same as purchasing tickets for any other sporting event.

Naturally, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced the cancellation or indefinite postponement of many of the largest recent esports competitions, but this trend may be about to change. For instance, Evo is once again a fully live Last Vegas production. Big video game sequels that have recently been released, like Street Fighter 6 and Overwatch 2, should draw sizable crowds. But don’t be shocked if future esports competition in-person regulations continue to be a little erratic.