The Final Fantasy 16 Chocobo Mount Obtaining Procedure


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Some helpful gameplay elements in Final Fantasy XVI are hidden behind specific sidequests. As you progress through the main tale, sidequests will appear. If the green task symbol has a plus sign in it, you’ll know it unlocks a new, crucial feature. These quests are what unlock better gear recipes, a larger potion inventory, and stronger potions. The Chocobo mount is one significant feature that is also locked behind a sidequest. In this article, we’ll explain how to unlock the Chocobo in Final Fantasy XVI so you can start zipping around Valisthea on it.

How to obtain a Chocobo mount in Final Fantasy 16

The Chocobo unlock mission won’t become available to you until around halfway through the game, or about the time Clive achieves level 25. The sidequest “The White Winged Wonder” may be found in Martha’s Rest, a town in the Central Rosaria region, close to the southern entrance of the town, where you will have a main story quest. To begin the mission, speak with the person who is standing next to his own Chocobo. Then watch a cute little cutscene after completing the questline’s final combat and completing the objective. Simple as that.


Once you’ve unlocked your Chocobo mount, you can utilize it across the majority of the game’s open hub sections. To summon Clive’s Chocobo, simply press R3 for a brief moment. This facilitates navigating the open fields. On your Chocobo, you can also run past hostile creatures. Just watch out not to get hit, as that will cause Clive to fall from his saddle.

The mission itself is simple, but it’s also simple to completely miss it, especially if you’re focusing on the tale. Hence, keep an eye out as you proceed through this section of the narrative or return to Martha’s Rest if you missed it.


In Final Fantasy 16, how to obtain a Chocobo

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