The Ultimate Guide to Minecraft Axolotl Taming: Becoming the Master of Domesticating Aquatic Companions


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Minecraft, the immensely well-liked sandbox recreation, provides gamers a various vary of creatures to work together with, together with the cute and doubtlessly useful axolotls. These aquatic companions can turn out to be your loyal allies if correctly tamed and cared for. On this complete information, we’ll delve into the artwork of axolotl taming, offering you with all of the important data, suggestions, and methods wanted to turn out to be a grasp in domesticating these charming creatures.


1. Understanding Axolotls in Minecraft:

Earlier than embarking in your journey to tame axolotls, it’s essential to understand their conduct and traits. Axolotls are amphibious creatures that spawn completely in underwater caves and rivers in Minecraft’s lush biomes. These outstanding companions are available in varied colours, together with wild, lucid, gold, cyan, and blue. Every variant possesses distinctive traits, making the method of taming them an thrilling journey.

2. Taming Axolotls: The Fundamental Course of:

To efficiently tame an axolotl, you must harness the facility of a water bucket. By gathering a water bucket and finding an axolotl swimming freely, you’ll be able to seize it by right-clicking on the creature utilizing the bucket. As soon as captured, the axolotl will turn out to be your loyal companion, following you wherever you go.

3. Establishing a Appropriate Habitat:

Creating an appropriate habitat to your axolotl companion is essential for its well-being and taming progress. Axolotls require a water-filled surroundings to thrive, so setting up an aquarium or pond is crucial. Be sure that the enclosure is spacious sufficient for the axolotl to swim round comfortably. It is usually important to take care of pristine water situations, together with a ample depth and temperature, to make sure your axolotl stays wholesome and comfortable.


4. Feeding Your Axolotl:

Like every other companion, axolotls require a balanced food regimen to take care of optimum well being. They primarily devour fish, squid, tropical fish, and salmon, all of which will be simply obtained by fishing or exploring underwater. Moreover, you’ll be able to pace up the therapeutic technique of your axolotls by feeding them buckets of tropical fish. Offering your axolotl with a nutritious food regimen ensures their loyalty and provides potential helpful results throughout battles.

5. Breeding Axolotls:

One other thrilling facet of axolotl taming is their capacity to breed. By following just a few steps, you’ll be able to breed your axolotls and increase your aquatic household. Breeding requires two axolotls, which will be positioned in the identical aquarium or pond. Feeding every axolotl a bucket of tropical fish initiates the breeding course of, ensuing within the delivery of cute child axolotls. These offspring will inherit traits from their mother and father, providing a brand new stage of depth to your taming journey.

6. Axolotls as Companions in Battle:

Past their cute exterior, axolotls show to be helpful allies throughout fight in Minecraft. When partaking in battles towards hostile mobs, axolotls unleash their full potential by swarming the enemies. Furthermore, tamed axolotls possess distinctive attributes, corresponding to passive regeneration and dealing harm to close by hostile aquatic mobs, making them indispensable companions in underwater adventures.


7. Enhancing Axolotl Taming: Enchantments and Potions:

To take your axolotl taming abilities to the following stage, using enchantments and potions can considerably enhance the capabilities of each you and your companion. Enchantments like Aqua Affinity and Respiration improve your underwater motion and respiratory skills, whereas potions of Power or Water Respiration improve your axolotl’s fight prowess. Using these enchantments and potions successfully can flip any axolotl tame right into a formidable pressure to be reckoned with.

8. Petting and Naming your Axolotl:

Displaying love and appreciation to your axolotl companion will be achieved by petting them. Tamed axolotls will be petted with the right-click perform, strengthening the bond between proprietor and companion. Moreover, giving your axolotl a singular title can additional personalize your expertise and improve the sensation of connection.


Mastering the artwork of axolotl taming provides a pleasant dimension to your Minecraft gameplay, reworking these aquatic creatures into loyal companions and potent allies. By understanding their conduct, offering an appropriate habitat, feeding them effectively, breeding them, and using enchantments, you’ll be able to forge an unbreakable bond along with your axolotl companions. Embark on this journey, and prepare to immerse your self within the enchanting world of Minecraft axolotl taming.