A Guide to Unlocking the Tallneck Wonders of the Forbidden West

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Are you a fan of Horizon: Forbidden West seeking a challenge? If so, this instruction manual is just what you need! Explore every tallneck in the country by following our detailed directions. Each one has its own challenges, mysteries, and prizes. We have everything covered, from Cinnabar Sands to Shining Sands, Landfall to The Stand of Sentinels. In order to prepare for some serious exploring, collect your equipment.

A Guide to Unlocking the Tallneck Wonders of the Forbidden West

Step 1: Finding Cinnabar Sands Tallneck

The Cinnabar Sands Tallneck is where your trip begins. From Meridian, go south until you reach a huge stone archway flanked by sand dunes. This is the spot. As soon as you enter the region, pay attention to all of the nearby ruins since they will soon be useful. Now glance up, and you’ll see a massive robot towering above you; it is the Cinnabar Sands Tallneck, your goal.

Start by looking at the four sculptures surrounding the base of the puzzle to identify them. Following that, four subterranean pillars with symbols engraved into them will surface. When done successfully, line up each statue sign with its accompanying pillar symbol to advance towards uncovering this tallneck’s data core. Like jigsaw pieces, their placement should be exactly aligned. After you do this, a few platforms close to where you entered will become active. You may use these platforms as stairs to go to higher ground and interact with an override switch that is located on one of them. This causes two further neighboring pillars to be activated, which must then be scanned to finish uncovering the data core of this towering neck.


Make sure both sides are fully synced when you’re done before pressing another override switch on top of one pillar (located behind where you initially entered). By doing this, Talleck’s data core on the Cinnabar Sand has been fully unlocked. Well done! You now have access to fresh facts about Aloy’s universe.

Step 2: Unlocking the Dazzling Sands Tallnecks That Are Locked

Your next task will be to figure out how to bypass the locked Shining Sands Tallecks. Find it first; it is located east of Maker’s End. Scan it once you are close enough to it to activate the walls, elevators, bridges, and other buildings around its feet. Three locks around the Talleck’s body must be synchronized in order for it to be properly unlocked, and then its data core must be opened. The tough aspect is that you have to do parkour moves here, such as leaping onto walls and using elevators. Moreover, keep trying even when it first seems tough, since practice really does make perfect. You’ll ultimately get to the point where you have to push buttons simultaneously at various places after finishing those workouts.

Step 3: Discovering Stillsands Talleck

We’ll go westward to Stillsands Talleck for our third stop. This sturdy building is where essential knowledge about Aloy’s world is kept, but in order to completely unlock it, it needs assistance from both human and mechanical hands. Start by finding two gadgets nearby and scanning them. This triggers a massive wall nearby that must be breached by both people and robots, heading further within Stillsands Talleck. This entails utilizing machines as stepping stones as you traverse platforms and other obstacles, but never forget to maintain both sides in sync the whole time, or else you’ll fail terribly! As we go to the destination, keep hitting buttons simultaneously until the lock unlocks, letting us enter and giving us later complete access to Talleon’s Datacore! Again, congrats, explorer! We succeeded!

Step 4: Finding Cauldron Iota Talleck .


The fourth location we’ll be seeing today is north of here, at Red Ridge Pass, in the Carvahall Plains. Cauldron Iota Tallein sits there, full of secrets that are buried deep inside it and are only revealed to daring explorers like ourselves who dare to enter. First things first, we need to find the cauldrons that are dispersed throughout the area as usual. Scanning each one activates panels that are all over distant walls, clearing the way past other obstacles that are only for machines. Upon reaching our destination, we can expect to find multiple switches hidden beneath fallen rocks. We can activate all of these simultaneously to open a door that will reveal even more surprises waiting for us deep below. Adventurer, good luck getting there! Make sure you have the appropriate number of helpers, or you run the danger of failing the task totally.

Step 5: Stand beside the tall necks of the sentinels.

We advance towards the Stand of the Sentinels, where our intrepid adventurer must solve two challenges before being allowed access to something extraordinary.
And believe me when I say that if it succeeds, it really does pay off because of what is found within, which is quite fantastic (we won’t reveal anything here!). Never lose concentration, though, no matter how difficult a challenge may appear to solve; victory is waiting for those that put up their best effort in this situation as well.

Step6: Landfall’s Tall Neck

Last but not least is Landfall, which has one final puzzle that must be solved before accessing any secrets that may be contained there. But don’t worry; even though these challenges can be difficult at times, succeeding at them always results in great reward. Just make sure you read through everything carefully to avoid missing anything special.


So there you have it: six stages leading to the discovery of special mysteries concealed behind each location’s distinctive locks, each demanding dexterous navigation and puzzle-solving abilities. Just keep it in mind. Never forget why we began along such an exciting route in the first place: learning Horizon Forbidden West’s many treasures as we go across its territories, no matter how thrilled or overwhelmed we are by what each entrance offers. I wish you well, my friends. The journey has started!