Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends Evaluate

Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends Evaluate

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Review game Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends Evaluate,

Excessive expectations are a curse. Whereas all people envies builders who make video games as nice as Rise of Nations, no one envies them when sequel time comes round. And you may actually see why with Rise of Legends. Massive Large Video games’ follow-up to its instantaneous traditional from 2003 is a fairly good RTS, however it is usually an awfully acquainted one that does not convey something new to the desk apart from some snazzy new graphics, a couple of rule tweaks, and a unusual storyline with three oddball races.

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DescriptionIt’s Rise of Nations remixed with a 3D engine, a fantasy steampunk setting and more hotkeys than you can possibly remember.
US censor rating“Teen”
UK censor rating“”
Release date1 January 1970 (US), 1 January 1970 (UK)

After a dozen hours or so of the marketing campaign and noodling round on-line, the novelty vanishes…together with a good variety of the compelling causes to maintain taking part in the sport.

Story is among the large explanation why Rise of Legends feels a bit flat. Though the title of the sport leads you to count on some type of Ray Harryhausen-style extravaganza with Greek gods and gorgons, this isn’t the second coming of Age of Mythology. As a substitute of rehashing well-worn folklore, Massive Large Video games determined to strive one thing new and craft an authentic setting full with three distinctive races and a great deal of zany models that rework nearly each fantasy and science fiction conference on the market.


Massive Large Video games was clearly making an attempt to fabricate a type of “you bought peanut butter in my chocolate!” moments the place an off-the-wall mixture works out completely. The one downside right here is that the fantasy and sci-fi would not a lot mix collectively because it does conflict, not less than within the marketing campaign, when a narrative interferes with taking the races and models on their very own not inconsiderable deserves. The three races, every fanciful recreations of cultures from disparate eras and far-flung corners of the globe, appear to have been pulled from completely different RTS video games.

You have acquired the steampunk-flavored, quasi Venetian Vinci, who make the most of tech derived from the sketches of Leonardo da Vinci, like wobbly gyrocopters and clockwork robots. Then there are the Alin, a civilization of sinister Arabian wizards who battle with magic and fiery efreeti footsoldiers. And eventually there are the Cuotl, Mayan-like aliens with E.T. expertise equivalent to power shields and alien craft.

This wacky mish-mash of actual historical past, Dungeons & Dragons, and Chariots of the Gods is rattling laborious to heat as much as. Every of the civilizations is so offbeat that there aren’t any reference factors, no similarities to RTS conventions which you could latch onto and use to dip a toe into the weirdness. The story within the marketing campaign is decidedly convoluted, as nicely. You are simply tossed into the 20-hour, three-part marketing campaign with no preamble apart from a quick dialog a few mysterious artifact that appears to be making folks sick. Moments later, you are main conquistadors and clockwork robots into battle towards mechanical spiders and glass monsters. Occasions pile one on prime of the opposite. There’s an evil doge wreaking havoc, some bizarre unknown drive supporting rebels, a sizzling pirate babe, and, nicely, it is even more durable to make sense of all these things on paper as it’s whenever you’re experiencing it in individual. Oh, and the ending just about screams “growth pack coming in Q1 2007.”


Campaigns themselves mix the conquer the world mode of the unique Rise of Nations with stereotypical RTS situations. As earlier than, you progress your forces on a map to perform targets and conquer provinces. This affords some freedom of motion, in which you could usually select between two or three areas to assault at any given second within the recreation. Repetition is a little bit of a problem, although. In most provinces, you arrive together with your inventory troops. You then construct a base full with barracks, factories, and the like. You then develop wealth by creating caravans (reactors within the case of the Cuotl) and acquire the glowing blue rock useful resource referred to as timonium. Lastly, you crank out a military and sally forth to assault enemy armies and strongholds. Means too many maps drive you to rebuild the identical base and take care of nothing however “conquer all these cities” targets.

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There is not something right here that you have not seen earlier than, particularly in the event you’ve performed Rise of Nations. Play is sort of similar in character to the sooner recreation. The streamlined interface and unit choice and modern border system the place you’ll be able to assimilate land by growing cities are carried over into the brand new recreation intact. Ages have been dropped, as has a variety of the tech analysis, to befit the nonhistorical fantasy setting, and heroes have been added, however this does not alter the texture of the sport a lot.

With that mentioned, Rise of Legends is extra than simply an uncommon retread. With out the encumbrance of the off-putting story, which forces you to consistently query what the deal is with these steampunk Venetians, magic Arabs, and Mayan aliens, you’ll be able to admire the races for his or her eccentricity and the way in which wherein they complement each other. In single-player or multiplayer skirmish play, all three are fascinating. Buildings and models are very completely different than these within the typical RTS, and the races stability nearly completely. The Vinci begin robust, and are most likely the perfect total race for newbies due to the energy of their early clockwork males and steam cannons. However each the Alin and the Cuotl get way more potent as time goes on. Work on long-term plans to construct powerhouse models just like the Alin glass dragons and the Cuotl solar idols and you have got a superb shot at ultimately smashing these clockwork creations like they have been toys.


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Even throughout cataclysmic battles like this one, you’ll be able to barely hear the sounds of explosions and gunfire.

It would not seem as if the synthetic intelligence fairly is aware of easy methods to deal with the precise, distinctive methods essential to get probably the most out of every race, nevertheless. In solo skirmish video games towards the pc, the AI did not appear to advance promptly or assault sensibly. Whereas it all the time did an excellent job of organising defenses round its capital metropolis, which meant titanic battles to finish video games, it tended to crank out a variety of simply destroyed, low-level shock troops and throw them at well-defended factors time and again. Arrange some turret defenses, just like the Cuotl’s obelisk lightning towers, close to key areas like timonium deposits, and AI models may very well be assured to flock to them like bugs to yard bug zappers.


Going surfing would not appear to be a solution to those skirmish issues, either–at least not but. The third-party application-based matching system left lots to be desired within the week after Rise of Legends hit shops. Few folks appeared to be on-line taking part in, and it was troublesome to get into matches even when you could possibly discover prepared opponents, as odd drops and disconnects have been widespread. The primary week is all the time the roughest in terms of taking an RTS on-line, although, so do not write off the multiplayer right here simply but.

Nice artwork design nearly makes you neglect about a few of these points. You’ll be able to simply sit and gawk on the Vinci’s buildings and models in motion, as they seem like steam-powered constructs made out of Tinkertoys, with turning wheels and pistons all over the place. Alin cities float, and have these curvy towers that seem like one thing out of the 1,001 Arabian Nights. Their fiery afreeti are one thing to behold after they assault en masse, too. The Cuotl are a weird mix of previous and new, with industrial constructions that give off a deep crimson glow and models that mix Mayan mythology with futuristic expertise. There may be nothing fairly like springing a pack of hissing, robotic loss of life snakes backed by a phalanx of Mayan warriors with lasers on an unsuspecting foe.

All of this element does trigger a couple of technical points, although. Slowdown is a think about large-scale battles, particularly through the climax of metropolis sieges when large fortresses catch fireplace and begin to smoke. The sport runs fairly nicely on a midgrade system, however the recreation’s all-new graphics engine undoubtedly has some efficiency kinks that want figuring out.

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Whereas the storyline may not make quite a lot of sense, it is nonetheless simple to mark out potential femmes fatales.

Audio is one other downside. It both wasn’t completed earlier than the code was finalized, or Massive Large Video games has developed an appreciation for the sounds of silence. Battle results are barely there. Barrages of gunfire and explosions within the midst of a metropolis siege are nearly inaudible, even with the quantity cranked. This takes a variety of the joy out of battles, and truly makes issues a bit eerie, significantly when a constructing explodes into flaming rubble with barely a peep apart from the orchestral drone of the musical soundtrack.

Since Rise of Nations was so implausible and modern, it is solely pure to anticipate that Rise of Legends can be equally ground-breaking. That it’s not is disappointing. However these on the lookout for a unusual RTS with nice races and well-balanced units–that additionally one way or the other manages to pack all of that right into a more-of-the-same design–will discover lots right here to love, so long as they don’t seem to be too hung-up on nice storytelling.

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